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  1. The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

    The bathymetry does not lined up here.
  2. The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

    Is there a Q-BAM map for Inuvialuit Settlement Region?
  3. Map Thread XX

    There is no flags for Cochinchina because it was under French control when the flags was created.
  4. The VT-BAM project

    If above is the correct map, then what does the map below showing?
  5. Netflix's "Hollywood"

    What would the world look like in 2020?
  6. Q-Bam Borderpool Improvement and Core Thread

    Some have lines, but it stopped without connecting.
  7. The VT-BAM project

    Red mean only First-level administrative country subdivisions are done? Green means Second-level administrative country subdivisions are done? Blue means Third-level administrative country subdivisions are done?
  8. Union of American Realms: A World-Building Exercise

    I am curious, how do you decided on number of votes for parties in election and the population of each realm?
  9. The VT-BAM project

    Does anyone have the most recent updated series of map?
  10. Map Thread XVIII

  11. Photos from World War Z

    What kind of program did you used to make this effect on image?
  12. WIP Map Thread

    Welcome to United Kingdoms of Brytain! (I made this map for my nation in Nationstates. The POD is unknown. The current year is 2018. The capital of United Kingdoms of Brytain is Lunden.)
  13. WIP Map Thread

    I have no idea what I am doing.
  14. The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

    What have been updated in 3.5 series?