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  1. WI: Batman... without Joker?

    I always liked Two-Face better than the Joker anyway--though Nicholson did a Hell of a job with him. Two-Face is the main arch enemy would be pretty cool, though a Riddler like the one in the TV show (or rather the '66 movie) would be pretty cool.
  2. Tim Burton's Watchmen

    As a young reader, I was too young, impatient, and dumb to be able to take the book in. With that, I skipped ahead and I saw this huge frickin' alien thing in the middle of New York City, and that was a great incentive to keep going--even though I never did understand the book until later. They...
  3. The Rise of Progressivism

    I plan on finishing this off once and for all with a few long summary posts and closing the book. Sorry about all this, but I bit off more than I could chew, scope and research-wise. _______________________________________ 1940 It had been four years since Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. had first...
  4. AHC: John B. Anderson, Republican nominee 1980

    One advantage that Anderson lacks that Bush had is the ability to appeal to the Southern voters, which is one reason I see a Bush victory in the primaries as more likely than Anderson. Should Bush be able to survive Reagan's victory in New Hampshire, he'd not only have an advantage in New...
  5. List alternate PMs or Presidents

    Presidents: Decided by the Atlas Forum 1. George Washington (Independent-Virginia) September 30th, 1789-March 4th, 1797 2. Thomas Jefferson (Republican-Virginia) March 4th, 1797-March 4th, 1809 3. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney...
  6. The Rise of Progressivism

    Thanks. I'll admit I jumped into waters way over my head in choosing to write about TR, WWI, and so on. Glad to see people enjoyed it nonetheless.
  7. The Rise of Progressivism

    Thanks a lot Nofix. Been a few months. However, it is in my vague plan to wrap this thing up, even if it means I resort to shameless summarizing. Given my knowledge of WWII, it'll take an amount of research to coordinate my plans for the big one. Between working, working out, and my other summer...
  8. 20o8 election

    Not pro-life and liberals wouldn't be so happy about his role in promoting the Iraq War.
  9. 1872: Three-Way Election?

    Let's say that instead of the Democrats teaming up with the Liberal Republicans, the Dems have their own ticket, making 1972 a three-way election between Grant (R), Greely--or whomever (LR), and whoever the Dems nominate. Who do they nominate? How do they and the Liberal Republicans fare? Can a...
  10. WI: Bush vs Biden 1992

    Look dawgs, while Biden might improve on ol' Bill's popular vote, he doesn't have the same broad geographic appeal that Clinton demonstrated. Sure, you have your liberal fantasies about Mario Cuomo or some other dawg running. And hey, maybe they would've won, but it wouldn't have been the...
  11. WI: Bush replaces Agnew instead of Ford.

    My guess for a '76 run against Carter. President George H.W. Bush (R-TX)/Senator Robert Dole (R-KS) 311 electoral votes Former Governor James E. Carter (D-GA)/Senator Walter Mondale (D-MN) 227 electoral votes
  12. WI: Bush replaces Agnew instead of Ford.

    Hmmm... Probably a more aggressive foreign policy, less attempts to be fiscally responsible, better image for the presidency--none of that Ford stuff, and an easier time running for re-election in '76. However, with his economic advisers calling for monetarism, there's still a good chance he...
  13. Where've You Gone, General Washington?

    April 27th, 1815: Even as American peace ministers await an audience with the British, President Monroe orders War Secretary Clark to the front-lines in the West to rally American forces out there in opposition to the British attempt to take advantage of the low population of that territory...
  14. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    From my atlas forum timeline "A Second Chance".
  15. Where've You Gone, General Washington?

    Thanks. I have to ask: Do you see it as more realistic that Hamilton might take some South-Atlantic states instead of Western states? Those places were originally strong for Federalists in OTL. I've been rethinking some of the details of this timeline, especially concerning maps and the...
  16. The Rise of Progressivism

    Well I tend not to go for timelines that I find "satisfying" to one of my ideology, so much as ones I find "interesting" as both a writer and a reader. And of course I'm a Nixon hack. Someone has to be.
  17. The Rise of Progressivism

    Which posts. ;)
  18. The Rise of Progressivism

    Depends on my creativity. A problem here is the wideness of the screen, thus making what might look like longer updates somewhere else look shorter. :p
  19. Where've You Gone, General Washington?

    February 14th, 1815: The funeral for President Alexander Hamilton is held in New York City, New York. The nation's second Treasury Secretary, third President, the two-term Governor of New York, and one of the architects of the constitution, he is the first American President to pass despite...
  20. Where've You Gone, General Washington?

    February 13th, 1815: James Monroe of Virginia is sworn in as the 4th President of the United States of America. Officially, he has been President since the 10th, however, with the rate that it takes news to reach one end of the country from the other, there was no way to know of President...