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  1. Three Sisters' Brother: The Franco-Haudenosaunee Alliances (v2)

    Glad to see this back ! Last time I promised you some photo material from Champlain's birthplace but never delivered. Let's fix this now, check your PM 🙂
  2. Feel the Bearn - A Timeline of France's Only Carrier in WWII and Beyond

    It's back ! Looking forward for the next update already !
  3. Moonlight in a Jar: An Al-Andalus Timeline

    I haven't read your TL for a while (what happened to notifications?!), and catching up was a delight ! When I look at the map of Europe, I see several hegemonic consolidated empires : Al-Andalus and the Bataids of course, but also Romania, HRE, Angland, Sweden, Russia. I hope you will shake...
  4. AHFA European Championship 2020

    Papal States vs. Kingdom of Jerusalem Today is the second match-day of the group A, and as we already know the result of the match between Rus and the Commonwealth, we know what need to achieve today’s teams. It’s simple : whoever loses the match is eliminated. Both teams will pray to not lose...
  5. AHFA European Championship 2020
    Threadmarks: Independent Team of the United Workers' League 1:1 Republic of Batavia

    Batavian Republic vs. Independent Team of the United Workers' League Sunday 14th of June, 3 pm Group D, Day 1 Location : Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam, Batavia Hi guys! You too had to cut your Sunday afternoon nap short to support your beloved Tierneyists or your beloved Oranje? Well you'll see...
  6. Three Sisters' Brother (aka the Franco-Haudenosaunee Alliances)

    @Ibn Chaldun I thought about your TL this summer as I visited the town of Brouage during my holidays. It's a small fortified town which is the hometown of Champlain. There was a very interesting exposition in the church with information panels about Champlain, and New France in general. I have...
  7. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    Thanks, it looks great !
  8. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    That's pretty much what I want :) Could you do it with a crowned lion instead ? (see below) The lion could be a bit bigger. Also I don't think those are olive tree leaves. Could you use the first wreath from the following link ? Link
  9. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    I am looking for help in making a flag for my Frankish Kingdom of Cyprus entry in the AHFA Euro Cup thread, since I'm basically out of computer. The base to use : Background of the flag in blue and white stripes just like in...
  10. AHFA European Championship 2020

    Yes, please give Al-Andalus a rival!
  11. AHFA European Championship 2020
    Threadmarks: French Kingdom of Cyprus

    Team: Kingdom of Cyprus (Royaume Franc de Chypre) Nickname: The Chypriotes, the goats (pejorative) Home Stadium, City: Stade du Roi Amaury IV, Nicosie (24.000 seats) Territory : whole island of Cyprus Flag : WIP based on
  12. AHFA European Championship 2020

    Yes, it's fine, thanks a lot !
  13. AHFA European Championship 2020

    I wonder how, since I made my map and claimed those areas first. Those areas are Andalusian.
  14. AHFA European Championship 2020

    That's great, thanks ! Here I have some corrections about Al-Andalus: Basically it includes also : the Azores, Cape Verde, northern Mali, a western strip of Algeria, and Ibiza. Sorry for the quality, I only have access to my phone...
  15. AHFA European Championship 2020

    Guys, please look at the previous entries before thinking about a country. This thread is about each of us creating ATL nations, the least we can do is to be a minimum interested in what others are creating, look and appreciate the other's work. Besides we don't want another situation where...
  16. AHFA European Championship 2020

    Thank you! Although I will not use it with Al-Andalus, I still might use it for another team later :)
  17. AHFA European Championship 2020

    I love your roster and squad list ! What did you use to create them ?
  18. AHFA European Championship 2020

    I have also updated my team with the map (flag and logo too). @Uebeltank You can add it whenever possible for you. :)
  19. AHFA European Championship 2020
    Threadmarks: Socialist Republic of Al-Andalus

    Socialist Republic of Al-Andalus Nickname: The Lions of the Atlas, The Red Moors Home Stadium, City: Stadium of the 2nd of October (85.000 seats), Isbiliya Home Kit: Mainly red, secondary white Away Kit: Mainly white, secondary red Population : 70 million Ethnicity : Religion: WORK IN...
  20. AHFA 2020 World Cup

    What a stressful penalty session... But we did it ! Antarctique ! Antarctique !