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    WI: Kaliningrad awarded to the Lithuanian SSR

    "In the 1950s, Nikita Khrushchev suggested that the Lithuanian SSR should annex Kaliningrad Oblast. The offer was refused by the Lithuanian Communist Party leader Antanas Sniečkus, who did not wish to alter the ethnic composition of his republic." - Kaliningrad Question, Wikipedia What if the...
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    White Russia allies with the fascists, can they be stopped?

    This is a scenario in which, after years of grueling and brutal Civil War in Russia, the Whites come out on top. However, scarred by the political and economic collapse of their nation, and blaming bolshevism, the White Russians turn to fascism and make alliance with Mussolini and Hitler. They...
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    What would happen if the Russian monarchy was never overthrown?

    If this is the result of a White Victory in the Civil War, fear of more bolshevism might push Russia into the arms of fascism, and alliance with Axis. With both Germany and Russia in the Axis, fascism becomes an unstoppable force and comes to dominate most of the world by the 21st Century
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    Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Anyone has a QBAM of Europe ca.1550 with Charles V's Empire?
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    Crusader Kings III

    The Fallen Eagle Mod has 769 planned.
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    WI: Alexander killed at Issus

    What if Alexander was killed at Issus in 333 BC, and the Macedonian armies were routed as a result. Would the nascent Macedonian Empire collapse? And how much longer could the Achaemenids continue ruling West Asia in this scenario?
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    Developments of a Norse/"dane" England.

    I like Daneland.
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    If the Eastern Roman Empire fell two or three centuries earlier...

    If the Eastern Roman Empire fell two or three centuries earlier and was replaced with an Islamic power hostile to Europe, thinking perhaps the Seljuqs, whether theGreat Seljuq or the Sultanate of Rum, how prepared are the Balkans, the Italians, and Christian Europe to deal with large-scale...
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    Map Thread XXI

    Do you have any OTL mesoamerica map you based this one off?
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    WI: Actual Socialist Movements adopted the Swastika instead of the Far Right?

    They could adopt the Hammer and Sword which I think Strasserists used. In which case the Hammer and Sword is banned in more place than the Swastika, and that's literally it.
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    The Mexican Century: An Alternate Mexican History

    Will this Mexico ever win a world cup? 😢
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    Had the White Army won, how would they have governed Russia?

    A WW2 is inevitable because the League of Nations was too weak, and the treaties after WW1 left too many countries unhappy. But you're right that Mussolini could be butterflied, the elites in would-be-fascist countries allied with the fascists out of fear of bolshevism, but on the other hand...
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    Had the White Army won, how would they have governed Russia?

    I can see an alliance with Mussolini and a military-conservative Germany, meaning that this new triple alliance trounces the WAllies in a WW2.
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    Nazi Germany reaction to fascist Russia?

    Lavr Kornilov's intervention in September 1917 succeeds, and manages to detains and execute Bolshevik leaders, preventing revolution. Through the 20s, the weak republic manages to survive, mantaining control over former imperial lands with Entente aid. Kornilov, who with his officers had held...
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    Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    Capitalism is something specific that emerged during the 17th and 18th centuries though
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    Create a Alternate ruler with the suffix 'The great'

    Antonio the Great, the Scourge of the United States
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    Mexico becomes independent in 1808?

    This. It basically gives a clear blueprint for criollos everywhere on what to do.
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    Mexico becomes independent in 1808?

    This is what Iturrigaray was accused of after being deposed:
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    Mexico becomes independent in 1808?

    It's the opposite, IOTL the coupists accused Iturrigaray specifically of wanting to crown himself King of Mexico.
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    How Right is Jared Diamond

    Sub-Saharan Africa also has the problem of its climate and environment just being hostile to civilization in general. i. e. Tse-Tse Fly, etc. North Africa as we know has been the core of Empires from Carthage to the many Berber kingdoms and Islamic Caliphates. All of this reinforces Diamond's...