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  1. dw93

    AHC: Make Reagan a one term President.

    With a POD no earlier than January 1st 1980, make Ronald Reagan a one term President.
  2. dw93

    The Lingering Curse of Tippecanoe: An Alternate 1980s

    Rawhide Down: On March 30th, 1981, less than 100 days into his Presidency, Ronald Wilson Reagan was struck down by an assassin’s bullet after addressing a labor meeting at the Washington Hilton Hotel. The assassin, John Hinckly Jr, shot the President in the chest, with the bullet striking his...
  3. dw93

    AHC: American Elections after a Dukakis win in 1988

    Based on the threads about elections after a Kerry win in 2004 and elections after a Clinton win in 2016, how do you think American elections would've gone had Michael Dukakis been elected the 41st President in 1988?
  4. dw93

    AHC: Have Al Gore elected President in 1988

    Your challenge, should you accept is to have Al Gore elected President in 1988.
  5. dw93

    DBWI: Bill Clinton is re elected in 1996

    As we know, President Bob Dole, who served as the nation's 43rd President from 1997-2005 has died today at the age of 98. Dole, who narrowly defeated incumbent then incumbent President Bill Clinton in 1996 due to Clinton's extramarital affair with white house intern Monica Lewinsky getting out...
  6. dw93

    DBWI: What If Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1980?

    What if Former Governor of California Ronald Reagan, who ran for President in the Republican Primary in 1976 and lost the nomination to President Gerald Ford (who narrowly lost to Jimmy Carter in the general election that year) ran for President again in 1980? To the shock of many political...
  7. dw93

    Could the Stock Market Crash of 1987 have caused a Recession in the late '80s?

    Basically what the title says. The economy went into Recession in 2001 after the tech bubble burst in 2000, so could the crash of 87 been bad enough to trigger a recession in 88 or 89?
  8. dw93

    Would Jimmy Carter have won in 1980 without the Iranian Revolution?

    How would a lack of the Iranian Revolution increase Jimmy Carter's re election prospect? This event triggered the Hostage Crisis, which initially rallied the country behind Carter but hurt him as the crisis dragged on, and it also contributed to the economic woes of 1979 and 1980. Would a lack...
  9. dw93

    AHC: Make Gerald Ford Speaker of the House

    Your challenge (and a tough one at that), should you accept it is to make Gerald Ford Speaker of the House of Representatives sometime after 1964.
  10. dw93

    DBWI: John Kennedy elected in 1960

    How would the course of history have panned out if John F. Kennedy had been elected President in 1960? As we know, Kennedy narrowly lost that election to Richard Nixon, and continued to serve in the Senate until 1971, when he retired from the Senate. From there, he served as Defense Secretary in...
  11. dw93

    What if Howard Ashman didn't have HIV and lived?

    I watched "Howard" on Disney + last night and it got me thinking . What if Howard Ashamn hadn't gotten HIV and lived? How much different would Disney be, the Disney Renaissance in particular if he lived? Would any of the songs that he wrote for Aladdin that didn't make it into the film make it...
  12. dw93

    List of Alternate House and Senate Majorities

    I've decided to start to a thread that is similar to the Alternate Presidents thread, only this is will be a thread of lists that have Alternate House and Senate Majorities. Feel Free to Contribute. Here's an example: Congressional Majorities after a Carter win in 1980: 97th Congress...
  13. dw93

    DBWI: Richard Nixon Elected President in 1968?

    What if Richard Nixon, Vice President of the United States from 1953-61 and two time Republican Presidential nominee (1960, 1968) had defeated Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 Presidential election? Would Nixon have pulled out of Vietnam in 1971 like Humphrey did? Would the economy have fared better...
  14. dw93

    AHC: Have Al Gore Elected in 1988

    Your Challenge, should you accept it is to elect Al Gore President of the United States in 1988. How does his Presidency go? What are his chances of getting a second term? How does Gore winning in 88 shape the balance of power in Congress through the 90s and (if you choose to answer) beyond?
  15. dw93

    How does a Nixon win in 1960 shape the political parties going forward?

    So lets say Nixon beats Kennedy in 1960? What kind of the Party does the Republican Party shape out to be after a Nixon Presidency from 1961-65 or 69? What kind of Democratic Party would emerge as a result?
  16. dw93

    If Ford wins in 1976, how much influence do Cheney and Rumsfeld Have in the 2nd term?

    Say Gerald Ford wins in 1976, how much influence do Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have in the 1977-81 Ford Term? They seemed to have a great deal of influence over Ford, especially in the last two years of Ford's OTL only term and they also had a great deal of influence in the next...
  17. dw93

    DBWI: Dick Cheney Agrees to be George W. Bush's running mate in 2000?

    According to George W. Bush's memoir "Decision Points," in 2000, Bush, after having him head his Vice Presidential selection team, asked his father's former Secretary of Defense and Former White House Chief of Staff for Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney to be his running mate. Cheney declined, citing his...
  18. dw93

    DBWI: Nixon picks Gerald Ford to replace Agnew.

    What if Richard Nixon chose then House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to replace disgraced VP Spiro Agnew instead of choosing New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller? How would Ford do as President after Nixon would inevitably resign from office? Who would he pick to be his VP? As we know, Rockefeller...
  19. dw93

    The Cause Endures: The Presidency of Edward M. Kennedy

    The Cause Endures: The Presidency of Edward M. Kennedy
  20. dw93

    Dewey Defeats Truman. Who wins in 1952?

    If Thomas Dewey got elected President in 1948, does he win in 1952? Is Korea still an issue? Does Dewey handle it better than Truman? Who do the Democrats nominate? Stevenson as in OTL or perhaps Kefauver?