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  1. Amerindian Culture

  2. 1831: Poland wins!

  3. Forced movements of ethnic groups after WWI

    Even if Austria-Hungary is severly weakened, both Romania and Serbia is beatened and at least Serbia is not in a position to fight in a new war. I also doubt Romania would dare to declare war against A-H, at least without foreign support. If Germany creates an independent Poland, wouldn´t...
  4. Forced movements of ethnic groups after WWI

    Let’s say that the Central Powers either wins or stalemates the Western Allies in 1917/1918 and keeps their gains in the east. As a way to strengthen themselves after the war and lessen the treat from nationalistic uprisings, could they with force move some ethnic groups to other countries? As...
  5. Colonized China

    If China had been colonized by the Western Powers and Japan, how would they have divided China between them?
  6. Spain in WWI

    What if Germany manages to convince Spain to enter the CP around the time of the Spring Offensive? A joint Spring Offensive from Germany and Spain must force the allies to shift away soldiers from the Western Front or some other theater. Can Spain's late entry win the war for the CP or will it...