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  1. If Iran invaded Afghanistan in 1998?

    Iran came very close to war with the Taliban in 1998 after they took over the Iranian Consultant in Mazarui Sharif and executed diplomats. War was avoided by UN mediation. What if Iran had sent the 70,000 troops they had mobilised across the border and advanced on Kabul?
  2. What if the Darien Scheme had never been attempted ?

    The Darien Scheme - Scotland's attempt to establish colonies in the Americas - essentially bankrupt the country and arguably made unification with England a necessity. Would the Acts of Union between Scotland and England have still at some point occured and if not, how could European history...
  3. Scotch on the Rocks - Scottish Uprising TV series

    Did anyone ever see this? It was released in 1973 and never repeated by the BBC due to the controversy it caused. The basic premise is that there is an armed revolt by Scottish independence supporters who seize control the Highlands with support from Scottish units of the British Army. It...
  4. Grimmest TL's ?

    What are some of the most well written and thought out TL's where the world basically goes to shit without an all out apocalypse? Along the lines of Rumsfeldia
  5. If Erdogans plane was shot down?

    The coup plotters had Erdogans plane in their sights and didn't shoot it down, thinking it was a regular civilian flight. What if it had been shot down and he was killed? How would this have affected the coup?
  6. Syrian civil war ends in 2012?

    In the summer of 2012, there was a glimmer of hope that the war in Syria could have been brought to an end as rebel forces stormed the capital and killed several senior ministers and commanders in a bombing. What if the operation had been more successful and Bashar Assad had been killed in the...
  7. David Cameron captured during visit to Afghanistan

    What would happen had the Taliban successful downed the Prime Minister's helicopter and captured him alive, rushing him to a safe house before a rescue team can arrive? How does the British public react when the first videos of the PM appear on YouTube with him calling for British forces to...
  8. If Aleppo fell in 2012

    Four years ago when rebel forces stormed into Aleppo for the first time they succeeded to seizing several districts of the city before being pushed back and a stalemate setting in. What if, for whatever reason, the rebels (back then mostly the secular army defectors of the FSA) succeeded in...
  9. Ten planes hijacked on 9/11 From this report, the Capitol, White House, FBI HQ and nuclear power plants were to be targeted. Obviously the results of this would have been behind horrific. I find it unlikely that all ten planes could have been hijackeed...
  10. Spanish Civil War ends with Spain split in two

    under what circumstances would it be possible for the Spanish civil war to end in a negotiated peace where the Republicans and the Nationalists control half of the country each? What effects would this have on ww2?
  11. Ukraine fights back in Crimea?

    Obviously post Maidan Ukraine was in no fit state to fight a war with Russia, but even though it's clear they would lose, what would have happened if the Ukrainian garrisons besieged by Putins "green men" fought back when stormed? Or if Ukrainian soldiers advanced from the mainland and into...
  12. Second Crimean War in 2014?

    As we all know, Ukraine surrendered the Crimean peninsula to Russia without a fight. This , at least in my opinion was due to the sheer chaos post revolution Ukraine was in and also apparently a cyber attack on Ukrainian government servers and communications networks which hindered the ability...
  13. A world without the internet?

    Just a random thought I had. What it the internet had never been invented? As far as I know the internet began with the creation of the ARPNET in the 60s for university and military projects I believe (I may be wrong?) What if nobody had ever thought of creating anything along the lines of...
  14. WI : Ukraine kept its nuclear weapons ?

    How would events today be different if Ukraine had held on to at least some of its nuclear arsenal after the collapse of the USSR ?
  15. WI : UK economy collapses in 2008 ?

    This might sound ASB but Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling considered such a possibility. This is from the Telegraph This is from Alistair Darlings interview with This is Money What if Britain's banking system, and subsequently much of our economy fell apart in 2008 ? How would the...
  16. Baghdad falls during the Iran - Iraq War?

    It may have been unlikely but assuming the Iranians broke through Iraqi lines and fought their way into Baghdad and managed to capture Saddam Hussein how might the world today be different?
  17. Chinese - Soviet border conflict turns into full scale war

    If the sino soviet border conflict escalated into all out war how long would it last? Assuming no nukes are used could either side win a conventional war? Was the Red Army really strong enough to march to Beijing?
  18. September 2013 : military intervention in Syria

    What would happen if the US, UK, France and Turkey bombed Syria rather than backing out at the last minute? Let's assume the air strikes wipe out the Syrian Air Force and missile launchers and some command and control assets what happens? Do the rebels immediately seize Damascus?
  19. Pre 911. Airliner hijacked at Heathrow crashes into parliament during State Opening

    What would happen if terrorists seized a plane during the state opening of parliament before 911 and the increased paranoia of airborne terrorism and crashed it directly into the Houses of Parliament killing the Queen, the Prime Minister and much of his Cabinet as well as several ambassadors and...
  20. How would a coup have gone down in 1970s/80s Britain?

    In the unlikely but much rumoured event that the British Armed Forces overthrew the government what exactly would happen. What buildings and politicians would they seize ? Would the police attempt to resist them? What of the Royal Family ?