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  1. Eurovision Winners in AH [Game]

    NOTE: I wasn't sure where to place this, please move this to the right place if necessary. Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs, In honour of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, I thought I present my list of Eurovision winners in Alternate History. But to make it more interesting, I'd thought...
  2. What if.... England didn't win the World Cup in 1966

    The Russian assistant disallowed England's winning goal? As told by the Guardian: What do you guys think?
  3. AH Soccer Shirt Request Thread

    I use Smart Shirt Designer 2 a lot these days, and have produced some really good shirts. So if anyone wants a request for their AH country or for teams in their TL, leave me details of their logo and colours and I'll work on them for you!
  4. Alternate History Football (Soccer) Kit Thread

    Hi, I am planning a AH TL soon, and needs someone to design kits for me, using the template of: If anyone design 2016 style kits for the following teams, I would be grateful: United Kingdom Yugoslavia Scandinavia Bulgaria Ireland (Northern and Republic merged) Baltic Union Netherlands Thank...
  5. Star Wars: TV Series Cast List

    Here's a question for you? If Star Wars was a television series, and each season told each of the OTL Movies plus the Clone Wars, who do you think would play the main characters) (P.S. This has been inspired by the Star Wars: TV Series thread in the Writer's Forum)
  6. We Will Get Out of This Nightmare: A Sports Collabrative Timeline

    This collaborative timeline aims to suggest an ideal happening with the current crisis's in sport. IAAF and FIFA scandals are our main focuses, but other sports can be included. I shall begin: Friday 13th November 2015: IAAF president Sir Lord Sebastian Coe announces that Russian athletes...
  7. Alternate Wikiboxes Request Thread

    Hi I'm setting up this thread so that you can request the wikiboxes you want. Just pop the request here and it may come up. Here are a couple of requests from me to start with: Chet Huntley, the news anchor, retired in 1970. It was deemed he was to enter politics (according to Walter Cronkite...
  8. WI: Elvis had a different film career?

    Elvis's first film was in 1956. But what if it had been done differently, and he took roles in films such as the Rainmaker and West Side Story. Feel free to type up your own list of Elvis films!
  9. Alternative Billboard Charts

    This is a topic where you can place alternative versions of the Billboard Charts from any date you like. It's simple. All you have to do is to choose songs from the date that should have charted well or does chart but not as high as you want, and showcase it to the world. It a chance to...
  10. Soccer At It's Best: A Collarative Timeline

    After football was introduced in the 1800's, it expanded to become the top sport in the world. But WI the events and tournaments were done differently. I aim to create this collabaration to form a timeline which would detail how football would have been sucessful in another universe. WI...
  11. Who should host the first International Song Contest

    I have a new timeline coming out based on Eurovision. It's an International adapation of the event, with popular songs instead of new ones. Question is, who would have hosted the first one in 1959. Contenders would have been: New York - The contest would have had to be agreed with the...
  12. WI: Michael Jackson did not die

    What if Michael Jackson did'nt die in 2009, would he still be big producing music? Or will it go downhill because of his 2005 trail. What do you think?