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  1. WI: Kido Butai Spotted En Route to Pearl

    IMHO the USN will sortie from Pearl, if only because they would believe their chances against aerial attack are less in a closed harbour with no room to manoeuvre than instead of on the open sea. They may be wrong in that, but that hasn't been proven to them yet.
  2. WI: Britain backs Japan in 1905

    I'm not sure you are correct regarding the Suez Canal. Rozhdestvenski split his fleet at tangier, and sent some older ships under Felkerzam on the shorter route through the Canal, aiming to rendezvous at Madagascar. I believe that Nebogatov's Third Pacific Squadron also took the short cut to...
  3. Second Franco Prussian ( German ) war 1914

    IOTL the British had strongly hinted they were to look after France's North Sea, Channel & Atlantic coasts, allowing France to transfer heavy units to the Med. Without that "promise" the French are free to deploy their naval units as they see fit; however it is a double-edged sword as France may...
  4. Second Franco Prussian ( German ) war 1914

    Would the Germans risk intercepting British-flagged vessels trading with France?
  5. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Did they leave the brakes on for you?
  6. Alternate warships of nations

    Blame Andrew Gordon... Re-reading The Rules of the Game. He doesn't care much for Beatty either, but he does in fairness highlight the mistakes of others.
  7. Alternate warships of nations

    Invincible certainly gave the death-blow to Lutzow, but the latter had been badly battered by that point. Blucher also took a long time to be smashed to bits. Blucher's guns were excellent weapons and - in a closer range involvement - I would fancy him against an Invincible or Indefatigable...
  8. Alternate warships of nations

    Jellicoe crossing Scheer's T was not down to speed but, as you say, down to Jellicoe's ice-cool deployment of the GF. However it was unlikely to have been achieved without the BCF, by accident or design, forcing Hipper to the east so there wasn't a German Goodenough to report to Scheer that his...
  9. Alternate warships of nations

    I don't disagree regarding Beatty's ego (thoroughly dislike his historical personna) but Tsushima did show how important having a speed advantage over the enemy's battle fleet was, and every admiral alive would regard crossing the enemy's T as the holy grail. Should also note (God, I hate being...
  10. Alternate warships of nations

    The RN pre-war plan for battlecruisers was that around 1915 the existing BCS would be broken up, and new cruiser squadrons would be formed consisting of a pair of battlecruisers and four of the new light cruiser designs. There was no intention they would form part of the line of battle. Even...
  11. Alternate warships of nations

    But the most expensive type in the catalogue! Lutzow didn't.
  12. WI: Halifax Succeeds Chamberlain

    I think you have conflated Ernest Bevin with Aneurin "Nye" Bevan. Not the first & not the last to do so. Ernest Bevin was a man greatly admired by Attlee.
  13. Malaya What If

    "Dirty Leeds!"
  14. WI US stays out of WW1, but Japan sends troops to Europe.

    IIRC the French were planning to use more of their sub-Saharan natives as front-line troops. The plan was to win the war in 1919 over the corpses of American & black troops. The British were considering similar moves to beef up the Indian Army as a solution to the manpower problem. Of course...
  15. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    If you went Zimmerit all over, using BR sandwiches, the pies would just bounce off.
  16. Germans introduce V1 in 1940

    It is good, but lacks pin-point accuracy at the lowest scales. How do I know? There is a supposed bomb marked on what has been my home for 60 years, and was built in 1938. Until the late 60's there was a bomb site about 200 yards down the road, which shows no bomb hit. So if you want to check...
  17. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Princess Patricia's Light Infantry?
  18. Russo-German peace after a CP victory in the west

    IIRC the battlecruisers were to be fitted with German engines, but certainly the guns were to be supplied in the first instance by Vickers. The Rusian company meant to be picking up the slack in armaments managed to produce one gun in total. There were also serious deficiencies in the armour...
  19. Germans introduce V1 in 1940

    Not sure if the dark patch in the south extends to Croydon, which IIRC was one of the most heavily bombed London councils during WWII. It contained or was close to three Fighter Command airfields at Croydon Airport, Kenley & Biggin Hill; there were also a fair bit of aircraft industry based...
  20. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    No North Sea or Humber Estuary in the Yorkshire moors!