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  1. Valena

    AHC: Nuclear weapons considered "horribly impractical"

    Inspired by this Pre-1900 thread and a discussion on chemical warfare at another forum. While the reasoning above may have it flaws, it's an anecdotal post and not a scientific opinion, what does it take for nukes to be...
  2. Valena

    WI: Anne Hyde dies in 1665

    Inspired by discussion with @VVD0D95 in PMs regarding ATL second match of James of York. So pretty much, WI something goes wrong during childbirth of Anne, and Anne Hyde pulls Anna Petrovna of Russia/Jane Seymor as is getting infection after childbirth, and dies from it. James is left a widower...
  3. Valena

    AHC: Vladimir Ulyanov/Lenin as a tutor to Tsesarevich Alexei

    A fun comparison/metaphor in Jagiellon thread gave me the idea: Posting in pre-1900 because a PoD required may be as early as 1880ies for the most plausible version of this.
  4. Valena

    A TL I should continue/reboot

    As of recent, I was thinking about either rebooting one of my old TLs or rewriting one of sadly abandoned ones (Changing Fortunes, Tale of Three Princesses). So, folks, what should I do? Reboot "The Life and Times of the Duchess of Cumberland" Reboot the Gloucester Stuart Line mini TL...
  5. Valena

    WI: Teodosio, Prince of Brazil survives

    What if this prince lives to succeed to the throne, and it's his brother Afonso who instead dies in 1653? I wonder if a marriage of him to La Grande Mademoiselle can be possible or will it be considered impractical in view of peace talks with Spain?
  6. Valena

    AHC: A Silesian Piast winning 1668/1674 Polish Royal election

    Pretty much the question - what can be done to make it work? Other than killing all competing candidates by dropping ASB-propelled meteors on them? To open some cards - this is for A&D reboot - yes, that's going to be a thing, but this time we decided to be more plausible/less dramatic, so no...
  7. Valena

    Poll: Best wife for Prince Rupert in 1657 PoD TL/1660 PoD TL? A minor question for the two PoDs discussed in this thread. 1. Charles II marries Sophia of Palatinate in 1658. 2. Duke of Gloucester lives past 1660, marries Maria of Nassau/Erdmuthe Sophie of Saxony...
  8. Valena

    Carlos II of Spain dies in 1685 - who may Maria Antonia marry?

    Working on my new TL, got an idea of weird butterfly- what if it's Carlos II of Spain dying on May 26, 1685? Maria Antonia of Austria, his niece, will become Maria I of Spain, but... who would she marry? The OTL match with Elector of Bavaria is unlikely to happen in such circumstances. Her...
  9. Valena

    Changing Fortunes

    Hello all. This TL is written partially as the reboot of Duchess of Cumberland TL, however it will feature different PoD and slightly different cast of characters. Pretty much it is inspired by this discussion, though I decided on a slighlty different PoD/set of PoDs. So, we are starting our...
  10. Valena

    WI: A boy born instead of La Grande Mademoiselle

    On May 29, 1627 a son was born from Duchesse d'Orleans, who sadly died a couple of days after and left all her wast fortune to the newborn - solemnly christened a couple months later as Jean Henri Louis, with Cardinal Richelieu being the boy's godfather and Queen Anne of Austria, sadly childless...
  11. Valena

    WI: Leopold Johann, son of Karl VI, survives

    A small idea I've pondered on while the website was down and posting it here. In OTL Leopold Johann was born in April 1716 and died in November of the same year. In a TL where he lives at least to the age of 40, that is to 1756 (being a mediocre ruler like his maternal cousins Peter...
  12. Valena

    Henry Prince of Wales lives till 1615, marries and leaves a posthumous son

    This is a PoD I'm currently using for an alternate Thirty Years War TL at (major PoD in 1586, dissolution of Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth with Lithuania going under Maximilian Habsburg). TTL Henry of Wales marries a (non-existent in OTL) Habsburg-sponsored Lutheran Lithuanian bride...
  13. Valena

    Frivolous WI: Charles II Stuart and James of York both die during Great Fire of London

    A rather frivolous (though not ASB, massive fires are a b*tch) WI that I thought of last night when watching a BBC documentary on Charles II. Assume, that during firefighting efforts during Great Fire of London some accidents happen that mortally wound/cripple the King and the heir presumptive...
  14. Valena

    The High Flying Mazarinettes: The Story of Unlikely Success
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Of Good and Bad Luck

    Chapter I: Of Good and Bad Luck In 1654 Te Deums were sung across the Holy Roman Empire for the recovery of Ferdinand IV, the King of Romans, from the smallpox. However, the illness left the face of the King horribly disfigured – so much that the King (and later the Emperor) covered his face in...
  15. Valena

    The Tale of Three Princesses

    What changes to the world can be brought if you let one teen and two infants survive the diseases that killed them in 1650ies? At first, the ripples from those stones thrown into the water grow slowly, but in as soon as 30 years they will morph the world into something that is unlike what we...
  16. Valena

    A Heiress Over the Water - a TL Project Brainstorming Thread

    Yes, ANOTHER Stuart TL in parallel with A&D. Though the TL in question is stagnant and co-author is deep into Jacobite research, so I decided to do some PoD hunting on my own. So, the PoD is 1712, and smallpox epidemics is at large in Europe. TTL it spares Louisa Maria Stuart and Mary Adelaide...
  17. Valena

    WI: Charles, Duke of Cambridge, survives,_Duke_of_Cambridge_%281677%29 It's an interesting PoD - a son of James Duke of York & Mary of Modena, but born during Charles II lifetime. What if he's born healthy - at least his brother "the Old Pretender"-level healthy? How will the living prince...
  18. Valena

    WI: Voyager 1 mission decide on flybu of Pluto

    In OTL when the launch of Voyager 1 was being prepared, the scientific team in NASA was debating whether they shall use the chance of closely investigating Titan or Pluto. Titan was picked because back then it was thought its atmosphere will be transparent to the cameras of Voyager, and because...
  19. Valena

    Charles IX has a legitimate son and illegitimate daughter

    Let's say the genders, personality AND health of Charles de Valois, Duc d'Angouleme and of Marie Elisabeth de France are reversed. So by the time of death of Charles IX in 1574 he has a 2-years legitimate son and a rather obscure illegitimate daughter. In OTL the Duc d'Angouleme lived till 1650...
  20. Valena

    Rupert Wittelsbach, Duke de Rohan

    One of the biographies of Rupert of Rhine I've read online notes that in 1638 his mother attempted to marry the young man off to Margot de Rohan, the richest adult heiress in France and second richest heiress in France in general, the only heir to elder branch of the House of Rohan. In OTL the...