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  1. AHC: Ireland not dominated by FG and FF

    Historically Irish politics were dominated by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, with the Labour Party sometimes backing or going into government with one of the two (usually FG), until the 1990s. With a POD of 1922, can Ireland become a more multipolar democracy earlier? Potential opportunies for this...
  2. Napoleon invades Ireland in 1798

    According to the Count de Las Cases, one of Napoleon's regrets was invading Egypt in 1798 instead of Ireland. What if he had done so? He would've had the benefit of local support from the United Irishmen and being seen as a liberator by the Catholic population of Ireland (Fun fact: "The Wearing...
  3. Communism and Fascism in a White victory TL?

    What would the fate of communism and fascism as ideologies be in a timeline where the Whites were victorious in the Russian Civil War? Presumably communism would survive as an ideology but could it take power in any nations without being crushed by outside forces? Russia was far stronger and...
  4. WI: Spain reconquers Portugal in the 1660s

    In 1659 after the French signed the Treaty of the Pyrenees (in which they agreed to end support for Portugal) the Spanish went on the offensive against Portugal, seeking a decisive victory, but ultimately lost after the English began supporting the Portuguese following the restoration of Charles...
  5. WI: O'Duffy's Irish Brigade in Spain more successful

    In 1936 Irish fascist Eoin O'Duffy assembled an Irish Brigade to fight for Franco in Spain but what followed was basically Murphy's Law come to life as poor discipline, drunkenness, a lack of combat and an infamous friendly fire incident among other things took their toll on the unit's morale...
  6. AHC: Make these predictions come true

    In 1906, Patrick Pearse wrote an article in the newspaper An Claidheamh Soluis imagining the Ireland of 2006. Notably he theorised that in 2006: Ireland would be united and independent, have it's own High King, and speak Irish France would have an emperor Russia would be a republic Japanese...
  7. Global Effects of a 1745 Jacobite victory

    What would be the international effects of successful 1745 Jacobite rising? Would a Jacobite Britain become close to France or would the Anglo-French rivalry continue, and if Britain became pro-French how would this affect Austria and Prussia? Would it have any effects on the British Empire in...
  8. WI: Jean-Baptiste Sipido assassinates Edward VII

    In 1900 a Belgian anarchist named Jean-Baptiste Spidio attempted to assassinate Crown Prince Edward over the Boer War. What would be the effect on Britain and Anglo-Belgian relations had he succeeded?
  9. AHC: Pre-1900s Padanian Nationalism

    Your challenge is to have a pre-1900s Padanian nation exist. Bonus points if they see themselves as Celts who were conquered by the Romans.
  10. WI: Presbyterian Ireland

    Is it possible that Presbyterianism could spread from Scotland to Ireland in the 1500s (without any Scottish plantations or mass settlement) and be adopted by the Irish people so that it becomes the majority religion of Ireland?
  11. WI: The South conscripts slaves

    What if the Confederate States of America had conscripted slaves into the army to resolve manpower problems?
  12. WI: Britain invades Ireland in WW2

    During the Battle of the Atlantic some British military leaders resented Ireland's neutrality and wished to invade Ireland to take control of the Treaty Ports and protect Atlantic trading routes, and military plans were drawn up for it. What if they had gone ahead with the idea perhaps using the...
  13. WI: D'Annunzio's legionnaires in the Irish War of Independence?

    Yes, this is in fact real. During the Irish War of Independence there was a plot by the Irish Republic and Italian fascists to smuggle guns into Ireland on a boat called the Stella Maris. At one...
  14. OTL events that would be considered ASB

    What OTL happenings in your opinion would be dismissed as being ASB or highly sketchy if someone in an alternate timeline had written it? For me it would be Israel. The Jewish diaspora settles en masse in Palestine after not having lived there for over a millenia, revives a long-dead language...
  15. DBWI: Democratic World

    Is it possible to have a world dominated by stable democracies instead of being ruled by monarchy? Admittedly this is probably ASB since there's no reason for an opposing side not to start a civil war if they lose.
  16. DBWI: Beria doesn't become General Secretary

    What if Lavrentiy Beria hadn't become the leader of the Soviet Union following Stalin's death? Any other leader such as Khurschev or Malenkov surely would've been better than Beria and the many sadistic rapings and killings carried out under his regime.
  17. WI: Spanish Invasion of Ireland during 1627?

    In 1627 during the Anglo-Spanish War (1625-1630), Owen Roe O'Neill and some other exiled Irish lords petitioned the Spanish monarchy for an invasion to free Ireland using Irish regiments in the Spanish Army. What if the Spanish had gone ahead with the idea?
  18. DBWI: Posadas doesn't become the leader of Argentina

    What if J. Posadas hadn't become the leader of the Argentine Socialist Republic?
  19. DBWI: An Irish Republic

    As we know today Francis I of the House of Hohenzollern (OOC: Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia) is the king of Ireland. What if the first Irish president Patrick Pearse had not invited Joachim of Prussia to become king and Ireland had remained a republic?
  20. WI: Hitler doesn't become an anglophile

    I was reading a while back that Adolf Hitler's anglophile views began as a result of Britain's intervention on Germany's behalf in incidents such as the Genoa Conference and the French occupation of the Ruhr, what if he had a more clear-sighted view that the British were acting in their own...