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  1. AHC: Have George W. Bush become president before George H. W. Bush

    As per the title, have Bush the younger become president before Bush the elder.
  2. WI: Trotsky Lives

    So we regularly have threads about what would happen if Trotsky managed to take power in the Soviet Union, so I was wondering about something a little less dramatic, what if Stalin's attempts to kill Trotsky all fail and lives for about 10-20 years, outliving Stalin at the very least? Would he...
  3. WI: Tony Blair stays on, could he win the 2010 election?

    Lets say that Gordon Brown circa 2007 suddenly doesn't want the job and that Blair wants to stay on, perhaps a bit ASB I know, but could Blair win in 2010 against Cameron and Clegg? What form would the election take? Would we have the debates? Would we still have the same three parties at it...
  4. WI: Slim & Monty change places

    So instead of Having Slim in Burma and Monty in Africa->Italy->France we switch them around, Monty is now safely in Burma where he can't annoy that many Americans and the much more amiable and (almost definitely) more competent Slim is now working in the West, how would you expect WW2 to develop?
  5. Best PM/President Combinations

    The aim of game here is simple, come up with a list of alternate UK PMs and US Presidents that would have worked incredibly well together and enhanced the special relationship. If you want come up with the events that led the two leaders to serve at the same time, why they worked so well...