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  1. AHC/WI : Permanent Partition of Francia into Neustria and Austrasia .

    The Franks had an established tradition of splitting up their realms between the sons with the Kings seen as ruling the same realm . However these failed to produce a scenario similar to that of the HRE and West Francia . In your Opinion , what would be best way to keep the respective realms of...
  2. WI Berbers Take Kairouan/ Tunisia during the Great Berber Revolt .

    During the Great Berber Revolt , The Berbers Attempted to Take the Provinicial Capital of Kairouan , though they were ultimately repulsed by the Umayyqds , who retained the area around modern day Tunisia , Although they would control Tunisia intermittently afterwards until the rise of the...
  3. WI/Plausibility Check : Roman Empire Sends a Foederati to “reconquer” Britain

    Could the Romans have used a foederati tribe or just a migration era tribe like the Goths ,Vandals , Alans , Franks , any tribe really etc. To reconquer Britain (or parts of it ) akin to that of Zeno sending Theodoric the reconquer Italy or akin to that of the Visigoths crushing the Silingi...
  4. WI: Surviving Median Empire

    The Medians are best known for losing to Cyrus and hence , kickstarting the Persian Empire . However they were the main empire in The Middle east after the fall of Assyria , something they took part in , in an alliance withe Chaldea-Babylonians . This resulted in them forming a ”Empire”...
  5. WI/AHC: Ostrogoths Never move to Italy

    In 488 AD , at the behest of Byzantine Emperor Zeno , Theodoric moved his people , the Ostrogoths to Italy . With a Minimum PoD of 476 , prevent the Ostrogoths from moving into Italy . Keep in mind The Goths should not move into Italy and get obliterated by Odoacer , They should never move to...
  6. AHC: Akkadian Language survives

    What is the best way to make the Akkadian Language as a Vernacular Survive ? Minimum PoD is after 1000 BC. The Later the PoD the better . Better if it retains the Cuneiform .
  7. Plausibility Check/AHC : Gothic spoken in Parts of Spain ,Occitania and Italy

    Any chance of the Gothic Language surviving in the Greatest Extent of the Ostrogothic and Visigothic Realms . Edit : Minimum PoD is 418 .
  8. WI: Justinian flees during the Nika Riots

    What if Justinian Fled Constantinople during the Nika riots ? Who would succeed him? Can he retake the throne at any point?
  9. WI : No Vijayanagara Empire

    What if the Vijaynagara empire never existed ? what would be its effects on the Delhi Sultanate and Colonialism in India?
  10. The Hunrajas of Hind : A TL Where the Alchon Huns conquer India
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1:The Huna Conquest of India

    Chapter 1:The Huna Conquest of India During 5th century , India was going through a golden age . The Gupta dynasty had unified most of North India unded their rule with various Vassals in the South. Many advancements were made in the field of Trade , Commerce ,Math , Science and Astronomy...
  11. Areas and Peoples that can pull of an “ Islam” than Arabia

    Basically a preacher or a prophet takes over an area and his successors embark on a rapid expansion spreading the teachings the teachings of their Prophet or the founder of the religion of their religion along the way . Minimum PoD is 476 AD and maximum is 1600 AD. Edit; Interesting this post...
  12. When did Akkadian and Sumerian die out ?

    When did Akkadian completely subsume Sumerian and Sumerian stopped being used as a First Language And when did Akkadian meet the same fate at the Hands of the Armaeans ?
  13. Who were the Minoans ?

    I came across this Old Thread by @SlyDessertFox who proposes that Minoans were Phoenicians mixed with Cretans ?this inspired me make this thread to ask your opinion on the Origin of the Minoans.
  14. Brainstorming: Roman Republic collapses in 2-1st Century BC

    1. Rome loses the cimbrian war 2. Rome to loses an Analogue to the Social war and collapses leaving rump states and Italia. 3. Mithradates dominates Anatolia ( not needed but in my view it is rather likely ) 4. How plausible is it and what is the best way to achieve it? 5. I plan to do this TL...
  15. Hard Hit was the Bastard : An Anglo-Norse TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 : The Norse Conquest of England

    The Year of Conquest The Death of King Edward Of England without an heir had invited many contenders to the Throne . One of these was Harold Godwinson , the distinguished Earl Of Wessex with victories in Wales and the riches of his Family adding to his cause. His record came to good use as he...
  16. TL Planning/Brainstorming : Mu’awiya takes Constantinople

    I am planning to do a TL where the Umayyads take Constantinople under Mu’awiya . 1. My plan is too have a Islamic Greek speaking State 2. The PoD is under Mu’awyia . now its unknown when the siege actually took place , so i will just invent an ATL siege. 3. The Second Fitna or a parallel will...
  17. Interesting Alternate Seljuk Turk Scenario

    Suggest alternate destinations for the Seljuks than Anatolia like Egypt , Syria , Balochistan , Pashtunistan ,Punjab , India etc.
  18. Plausibility Check : Gothic Anatolia

    Could Germanic Tribes like the Goths or Gepids move into Anatolia and turn it to into a Germanic speaking region ( or a good part of it) during the third century crisis or during after Huns.
  19. AHC: Non West /North Germanic , Non Brittonic , Non Romance England

    With any POD after Caesar have a significant of the population of Britain ( England ) speak a language that isn’t West Germanic , North Germanic ( Nordic) (east germanic is allowed), Insular Celtic ( Belgic and Gaulish are allowed. Pictish is not allowed ) or a Romance Language. Basically...
  20. The Hunarajas: A Hunnic India Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Hunas of India

    The Rule of the Hunas The Fall of the Gupta empire to the Mleccha Huns was a shock to the Indian society , as years of Huna Rule would greatly upend and reshape it. The Hunas were a people of somewhat mysterious origins . They had invaded Bactria and adopted their Language before being pushed...