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  1. Q: How would flintlock weapons work during a severe rain?

    Not sure if it is the right forum, but would the napoleonic period firearms (muskets, rfles, artillery) work during intensive rain? The same question about early caplock weapons?
  2. WI Poland is neutral in the Great Northern War

    Let's say that just at the beginning of the war, when Charles is spanking Denmark, August the Strong falls off his horse and breaks his neck, Poles elect another king, (perhaps prince Conti could be elected again) while Saxon soldiers are requested to leave the PLC's territory, and Charles XII...
  3. AHC East Africa converts to Christianity in medieval period?

    I dont know how it could happen, or if it is even possible, then again if Arabs were able to colonize Zanzibar... Anyway, the challenge is to have the eastern coast of Africa, as far south as possible, converted to Christianity before the age of discoveries. How coud it happen and what would be...
  4. WI Teutonic Order state in Prussia destroyed in 1410

    WI Poland and Lithuania does better in the Great War against the Teutonic Order? Precisely speaking, they sent outriders after the knights escaping from Grunwald, and the outrides do so well, they arrive in Malbork/Marienburg before Henry von Plauen, take the castle by surprise/deceit and lock...
  5. AHC Remove Britain from the map after 1800 before 1901

    AHC with the POD after 1800 CE have the United Kingdom completely destroyed by the beginning of 20th century, with at least London and the neighborhood being annexed by some other country (that is not English-dominated). Can it be reasonably realistically done?
  6. AHC: by 1700 make Poland a great power comparable to France

    AHC: with the POD after 01.01.1386 (the year of the marriage between Jagiełło and Jadwiga of Poland) make Poland (with Lithuania, of course) in 1700 a great power comparable in population, military, diplomatic and economic might to France, with the condition that its land area cannot further...
  7. WI Battle of Warsaw 1656 is total Polish-Lithuanian victory

    The otl three day Battle of Warsaw, a major battle of the Deluge, ended with Swedish-Brandenburgian victory, though as Polish losses were insignificant it did little besides prolonging the war and destruction of PLC. So, WI instead John Casimir and his forces roll all sixes during the battle and...
  8. WI Frederick the Great captured by Austrians in 1741

    So I read that in March 1741, when travelling with few companions to Neisse, King Fritz was noticed by an Austrian patrol, but some miller hid him, and he avoided capture. So, WI if he didn't and the Austrians discovered him, and brought him to their own forces?
  9. WI Kaliningrad becomes part of Lithuania

    In the fifties Khrushchev offered Lithuania the Kaliningrad oblast but Lithuanians refused not wanting to change the ethnic composition of their country and iirc the region was heavily damaged by war and Lithuanians didnt want to be burdened with it. Anyway, WI for some or another reason...
  10. WI No Prussia, Prussian Hohenzollerns die out early (in 1568)?

    WI Albrecht Hohenzollern and his brothers die childless and Duchy of Prussia is incorporated into Poland as per treaty of Cracow? What effect it would have on Brandenburg, Poland and the general history of the region?
  11. WI Market-Garden is a success?

    WI due to luck, German mistakes, less Allied mistakes, better planning, better weather, communication working and whatnot, Operation Market-Garden goes like a charm (or as close to it as physically possible), and the XXX Corps crosses the Rhine more or less as planned?
  12. AHC Roman-Persian Empire

    Is it possible to combine Rome and Persia into a single empire stretching from Atlantic to Indus? What would it take to form such a monstrosity and could it survive for longer?
  13. WI Teutonic Order completely destroyed in 1410

    While the back of the Monastic State was broken in 1410, the war results were not so great as the victory at Grunwald. Teutonic Order remained a nuisance for the next 115 years, only to be replaced by Prussia, and we all know how it ended. So WI Poles, Lithuanians, and other assorted allies did...
  14. WI USA doesn't notice the nukes on Cuba until they are removed in the early nineties?

    As in the title, what would be the effects of Americans completely missing the nukes on Cuba until Soviets remove them on their won in the last years of the SU? (this might be borderline ASB, but it is theoretically possible, just very unlikely)
  15. WI Gustav Adolf captured by Poles at Tczew (Dirschau, 1627)?

    When scouting the battlefield only with his aide, Gustav Adolf ran into three banners of Polish cavalry and was saved only by quick action of his nearby escort, which was defeated though, and Poles chased him all the way into Swedish camp. Now what if Poles get more lucky, and some random shot...
  16. WI Quick Saxon-Danish-Russian victory in Great Northern War

    This might be highly improbable, as without earlier POD it would require the allies throwing all sixes and Swedes all ones, but what could be effects of Saxons, Danes, and Russians gaining quick victory against Sweden in the GNW?
  17. WI Christian victory over Mongols at Legnica (Liegnitz) 1241

    Let's say that two things happen: first (although chronologically this is the second change) forces of Duke Henry aren't divided and slaughtered in detail, but stand together and successfully defend themselves, that alone is possibly enough to led to a "victorious draw", but also forces of...
  18. WI Poland gets maximum borders aftef WWI and Polish-Bolshevik War

    WI In Versailles Poland gets (without plebiscite) Danzig, whole Upper Silesia, southern part of East Prussia and Polish-majority part of Cieszyn (all that together would likely require British representatives get some kind of collective brain tumor, but it is hypothetically possible) and then...
  19. DB AHC: Avoid division of HRE between France, Hungary and PLC

    DB AHC: Plausibly avoid division of German states between their three neighbors, France, Hungary and Poland-Lithiania. As we all know, the HRE degenerated to the point it was unable to prevent foreign armies wandering back and forth through its territory, and the situation continued until theor...
  20. WI Charles X Gustav of Sweden is killed in Battle of Warsaw (1656)

    On the second day of Battle of Warsaw, during the charge of Polish hussars, one of them attacked the Swedish king who fell from the horse, but was succesfully defended by his guards (the hussar in question received a funeral with honors from the eventually victorious Swedes). But what if the...