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  1. Neoteros

    WI: Mozarabic "Reconquista"?

    Inspired by the most recent DLC for Crusader Kings III, Fate of Iberia: IRL, the Reconquista was led by those realms in northern Spain that had avoided being annexed by the Caliphate; would it have been possible for the Arabized Christians of the peninsula to take the lead instead, mirroring the...
  2. Neoteros

    Norwegian Reggaeton: what if the Kingdom of Norway had colonized OTL Hispaniola?

    Just a weird thought I had while listening to Nanowar: This would require the survival of the old Norwegian realm, or a more powerful Denmark-Norway but, since Denmark did hold a few Caribbean islands IRL, it might not be an impossible task. Any takers? :P
  3. Neoteros

    WI: FISA-FOCA split goes through?

    Inspired by a very recent YouTube video (in Italian) on the FISA-FOCA split, an early 1980s crisis in Formula One during which the constructors' association headed by Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley threatened to secede and contest its own championship: IRL, the FOCA teams (most of Formula...
  4. Neoteros

    WI: Ellen Ripley-inspired Doomguy?

    So, I've been playing a lot of Nightmare Reaper in the last few weeks - a deliberately retro tribute to Doom where you play as a female patient of a psychiatric ward - and I thought, what if the protagonist of the original Doom had been female, too? After all, Doom took quite a few cues from...
  5. Neoteros

    WI: 1960s Batman television series is more serious in tone?

    Apparently, the Adam West Batman series was originally conceived as an adventure show reminiscent of The Lone Ranger, at least in tone; the shift towards camp happened when the series was given to a director that had never read the comic book before. What if the series had been given to a...
  6. Neoteros

    WI: No Hays Code?

    So, I was talking with a friend on Discord, who's a fan of old school animated media, and modern tributes to it; since he remarked about how different post-Hays Code Betty Boop was from her pre-Hays Code self, a change that led to the character's eventual disappearance, is there any way the Hays...
  7. Neoteros

    Plausibility Check: 21st Century nomadic peoples and renewable energy.

    So, I was having a discussion with a friend about the benefits of the Euro/EU (as we're both living in southern Europe, it's kind of a thorny issue, even though we're both opposed to how the issue's been handled by the usual far right populist mob), and I joked about establishing an union of...
  8. Neoteros

    "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain…"

    This quote could apply to a lot of people IRL, from politicians (Aung San Suu Kyi, Robert Mugabe...) to athletes and entertainers (Lance Armstrong, Michael Jackson...) and more. There's been quite a few threads about people dying sooner than IRL and being remembered as heroes rather than...
  9. Neoteros

    Walt Disney, the socialist?

    So, according to Wikipedia, Walt Disney's father was a card-carrying socialist: Any chance Walt could've kept his father's beliefs, while still dabbling in animation?
  10. Neoteros

    WI: After World War II, Italy loses South Tyrol, but keeps Istria?

    For whatever reason, after the Second World War, Italy loses South Tyrol to Austria, but keeps Istria, and maybe even the coastal cities the country held on the coast of Dalmatia. Assuming that everything else stays the same, with liberal Austria being on the western side of the Iron Curtain...
  11. Neoteros

    WI: Italian and German enclaves in Switzerland become anti-Fascist governments in exile before and during World War II?

    Respectively, the enclaves of Campione d'Italia (surrounded by the canton of Ticino) and Büsingen am Hochrhein (surrounded by the canton of Schaffhausen). Could it happen?
  12. Neoteros

    "He would have been President, you know."

    So, a friend of mine, who is a huge fan of the Beatles, is watching the new documentary about them and well, here's John Lennon talking about Martin Luther King: Any way to make Lennon's wish for a President MLK (he's saying this after he got killed) come true?
  13. Neoteros

    WI: D'Annunzio stages a coup against Mussolini?

    In the most recent issue of Focus Storia, a history-focused (heh) monthly magazine I'm a huge fan of, there is a small article about the final years of Gabriele D'Annunzio, and the gilded cage he was forced into by the Fascist regime, that viewed him as a threat while, at the same time...
  14. Neoteros

    WI: How to make the IRL United States resemble their Grand Theft Auto version as much as possible?

    Since I'm currently playing San Andreas (the old PS2 version, not the re-release... whose release prompted me to dust off said game anyway, since I'd never quite finished it) I was wondering, how would you mess with history, in order to make the IRL United States resemble those depicted in the...
  15. Neoteros

    WI: Bucharest is split in two during the Cold War

    So, they've been building/renovating a dam in Bucharest near where a friend of mine lives and, according to them, it's full of graffiti already; this made me think of the Berlin Wall so, what if Bucharest had been divided more or less where that dam is now, along the course of the Dâmbovița...
  16. Neoteros

    PC/WI: Carlo Levi's vision of his ideal post-Fascist Italy comes true?

    Towards the end of his memoir Christ Stopped at Eboli, depicting life in a small rural village in southern Italy - a hard life in a village where not much had changed since the times of Bourbon feudalism, and in which the new Fascist leadership acted in a manner not dissimilar at all from that...
  17. Neoteros

    WI: the anti-Fascist forces of the Resistenza free Italy by themselves, like in Greece or Yugoslavia?

    Tin says it all - how could this have happened, and what consequences could this have had on post-WWII Italian history? I'm not just talking about communists and socialists here, there were Catholic, liberal and monarchist anti-Fascist forces, too. Pre-1943 PODs are fine - in fact, 1943 might...
  18. Neoteros

    A challenge: turn this dubious prophecy about the House of Savoy and the Kingdom of Italy into historical fact.

    According to popular grifter/saint (depending on your point of view) Padre Pio, that said these words in the late 1930s, the Savoia-Carignano line of the House of Savoy would've gone extinct in the then-near future, and would've been replaced by the cadet Savoia-Aosta line on the throne of...
  19. Neoteros

    WI: More cradles of civilization survive to the present day as distinct cultures, kind of like China.

    Of all the ancient cradles of civilization, China is the only one that can claim a more or less uninterrupted cultural continuity from its Blue/Yellow River origin to its current form, with foreign dynasties and invaders largely assimilating into Han Chinese society rather than forcing their...
  20. Neoteros

    More instances of Indo-European assimilation into Pre-Indo-European civilization?

    A recent DNA analysis seems to indicate that the Etruscans were not that dissimilar from the Italic peoples that surrounded them; however, their Pre-Indo-European culture and language persisted. The hypothesis here, is that the invading Indo-Europeans assimilated into Etruscan society, like many...