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  1. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    An idea - The Sinosphere "Scramble for China"

    So it's just an idea I had and I decided to write it down here for all to see, to see if it can grow into something else. During most of the 19th Century, almost everyone in East Asia worked and tinkered to learn and adapt from the West, we saw the Japanese samurais advocated to topple the...
  2. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    WI: British-Japanese Alliance during Second Sino-Japanese War

    With British Hong Kong in need of protection and nationalist-irredentist China on north in mind, and the Japanese advancing on the early stage of the War, which were also a colonial imperialist power, will British-Japanese alliance reborn as in WWI? How would the War turn out?
  3. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    AHC: Industrial Revolution in Japan

    Was it possible for the peoples of these East Asian islands inspired the monumental change in history first? PoD would be better during or after 13th Century, for my still abstract scenario actually. (for where Dynastic China and a different Japan are having a Cold War.)
  4. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    Which China would modernize better?

    As I saw there are many arguments relating this subject, I decided to make a poll to somewhat conclude it. Qing China: In OTL, although politically backward and corrupted, the Qing actually did great job on her "Self-Strengthening" campaign, that there are modern enterprises which founded...
  5. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    Carolingian Dynasty survives

    With a PoD before 1900, can the Carolingian Dynasty avoided diversion and survived to at least 17th century?
  6. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    DBWI: Unify India

    Your challenge, should you accept it, is to create a PoD no earlier than 1940, so that the subcontinent can be a unified country, despite her divided nationalities, culture and languages.
  7. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    A ~300-years-old Chinese Dynasty

    Given a PoD before 1900 A.D., can there be a Chinese dynasty, if not having both North and South lands, that can have a reign of ~300 years? Why 300? Because viewing the Chinese history, starting from Qin, there were no dynasty that can reign for longer than 300 years(Song might be a bit...
  8. Used-to-be Song Chinese

    Plausibility Check: Rome reigned longer, yet isolated herself.

    So, how can the Roman Empire have a prolonged reign, while remain closed towards foreign world? Bonus for having it never divided, and another bonus for reigned for another thousand years.