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  1. Byzantine fanatic

    New Map of the Middle East & Islamic World

    Hi all, I have created a map just for fun, showing the Middle East/Islamic countries with borders redrawn. This was done for entertainment purposes only, and does not have any serious intent. The setting of this map is now (April 2019) but re-imagined in a way that would be more advantageous to...
  2. Byzantine fanatic

    No 4th Crusade: what happens to the Byzantine Empire?

    The Byzantine Empire was conquered in 1204 by the forces of the Fourth Crusade. The empire was dismantled and its territories divided up between Venice and the new Latin Empire of Constantinople, led by Baldwin of Flanders. The effects of this were pretty disastrous for the Byzantines, and the...
  3. Byzantine fanatic

    What if the bicycle was invented in 1600?

    Given 17th century clocks and carts, did the technology exist for bicycles in the 1600s? How could that have changed history?
  4. Byzantine fanatic

    AHC: Poland, complete world conquest!

    Your challenge: with a PoD no earlier than 1000AD, have Poland conquer the entire world. By this I mean, at minimum Poland has total domination over the globe, in a similar way to Britain in the 19th century. At maximum, Poland has completed a total conquest of all of the planet, either by...
  5. Byzantine fanatic

    Apart from Axis victory, could World War 2 have gone any worse?

    Looking at the Second World War, it seems hard to escape the conclusion that it was prettymuch a clusterfuck of the worst possible outcomes that could have happened, one after the other. For instance, the invasion of France through the Ardennes in 1940 was a very risky move that could easily...
  6. Byzantine fanatic

    Was the fall of the USSR the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century?

    Russian leader Vladimir Putin has described the fall of the USSR as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. After 1991 the US became the world's only superpower, with disastrous consequences, particularly in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Francis Fukuyama's 1992 book "The End...
  7. Byzantine fanatic

    The top ten worst decisions in history

    What are some of the worst decisions in human history? I'll go first: 1. Xerxes' invasion of Greece 2. The Romans' decision to overrule caution and give battle at Cannae 3. Crassus' invasion of Parthia 4. The Roman decision to betray the Goths in 410, right before they sacked Rome 5. The...
  8. Byzantine fanatic

    Is Ancient Greece overrated?

    The Ancient Greeks are often presented as if they are the most significant thing that has ever happened in the history of civilisation. Supposedly, western civilisation is built on the Classical Greek foundations and their achievements are unmatched in all of history. The Classical Greeks are...
  9. Byzantine fanatic

    WI: Ottomans march on Moscow?

    Earlier this week, I was playing the Ottoman Empire in Empire Total War. I was at war with Russia over the Crimea. However, after defeating their army and taking Kiev, they still refused to accept peace. This prompted me to notice that Moscow was within reach. After thinking about it for a...
  10. Byzantine fanatic

    What if ISIS or another group successfully replaced Iraq and Syria with a caliphate?

    I don't know if this has been done here before. But it strikes me that the rise (and fall) of ISIS' caliphate poses a few questions that could make for interesting alternative history. Before we get started, it should not need explaining that I condemn ISIS. The point of this thread is more the...
  11. Byzantine fanatic

    When did the total conquest of native America by "white" men become inevitable?

    I dont like the term "white" but couldn't think of another way of saying what I mean. "Europeans" doesn't really work, because the conquest of much of America's 'wild west' took place after the USA became independent. Basically, from the Native American Indians' point of view, when did the...
  12. Byzantine fanatic

    The Battle of Kursk 1943: turning point vs. over rated?

    Today is the 75th anniversary of the battle of Prokhorovka, often cited as one of the largest tank battles of all time, on 12 July 1943 near Kursk in Russia. The German offensive was a do or die effort to end the war on the Eastern front. Hitler wanted a decisive victory so he could sign a...
  13. Byzantine fanatic

    Was Hitler vegetarian?

    I've come across a number of articles online angrily disputing whether Hitler was vegetarian or not. Most of these seem to be rather defensively written by vegetarians, who are upset by the idea that they might have something in common with the Nazi dictator. My understanding is that Hitler was...
  14. Byzantine fanatic

    When was the Byzantine Empire at its peak?

    The Byzantine Empire existed from the fifth century AD all the way to 1453. But when was the empire at its peak? This can include territory, artistic and cultural achievement, and wealth. If you had to pick a year, what date would you choose?
  15. Byzantine fanatic

    What if... YOU never existed?

    What would happen if you never existed? Let's say your parents never met, or if they did they never got together. How would this change history?
  16. Byzantine fanatic

    September 1939: has Germany lost the war already?

    Germany in 1939 relied on sea trade for many essential war supplies. Oil had to be imported from the US and other countries by ship. Germany was also not self-sufficient in food supplies and other goods. Britain's declaration of war against Germany in September 1939 meant that Germany was...
  17. Byzantine fanatic

    Arab conquest of Italy: realistic?

    In the 9th century, Arab forces arrived in Italy. The Byzantine Empire lost control of Sicily, because the commander of the island's fleet, Euphemius, rose in revolt against the Byzantine Emperor Michael II. Defeated by loyalist forces and driven from the island, Euphemius sought the aid of the...
  18. Byzantine fanatic

    What if the Safavid Persian Empire still existed?

    The Safavid Empire ruled Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of several other countries including Syria and Turkey in the 18th century. In our timeline, this magnificent Persian empire sadly passed away after the death of Nader Shah in 1747. But what if it survived? Unlike the rival...
  19. Byzantine fanatic

    What if York becomes the capital of England?

    Before the Normans, York was arguably the most important city in England. London didn't become the capital of England until the 12th century. York was the capital of the Viking Danelaw in the 9th century; it was also the capital of Northumbria, the Anglo-Saxon kingdom which at various times...
  20. Byzantine fanatic

    September 1939: Hitler pulls back. WW2 averted

    On 3 September 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany. The two countries had issued an ultimatum to Nazi Germany to stop the invasion of Poland, which had begun two days earlier. Hitler's decision to ignore the ultimatum created the Second World War. It seems to me this is a pretty...