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    What if President Grant was assassinated early on in his second term by the KKK?

    Motivated by hatred of Grant, members of the KKK plot to kill the president who they see as representing Northern oppression. The plot involves hundreds of KKK members who secretly gather in Washington DC and prepare stashes of weapons. In August of 1873 they launch an armed uprising and attack...
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    What if the Nile was diverted in the 13th century?

    Suppose that in the earth 13th century, a kingdom upstream of Egypt decided that they wanted to build a dam or canal or something, and this vast engineering project ended up redirecting the Nile river, leaving Egypt bereft of its lifeblood. It is clear that the effects of the Nile drying up...
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    What if the second crusade retook Edessa?

    Though the second crusade had initially been launched with the goal of restoring Edessa, after arriving in the Levant the leaders of the crusade decided that instead of proceeding to Edessa as was their original goal, they instead attacked Damascus, which though it was under Muslim control, had...
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    What leads to the development of feudalism?

    Some regions like Europe and Japan had feudalism as a dominant political system for a long time while other regions like China developed and retained central administration even throughout various collapses. What made it difficult in some places for power to be centralized while in other places...
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    WI Charles de Gaulle dies while fleeing France in 1968?

    During 1968, massive protests and strikes threw France into chaos. On May 29, Charles de Gaulle fled France by helicopter and arrived at a French military base in Germany. De Gaulle had lost confidence in himself, but General Jacques Massu persuaded Charles de Gaulle to return to France. After...
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    What if the freedmen violently resisted voter suppression

    As Reconstruction ended, the Democratic Party managed to retake the southern states by using violence to intimidate Republican voters and take over the states. What if the freedmen had been given guns and they retaliated against the KKK and other similar organizations. Would the resistance be...
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    What if Mao died in the middle of the Cultural Revolution?

    Mao Zedong started the Cultural Revolution to overturn the leadership and allow himself to regain power in the country. Chaos spread throughout the country and Red Guard groups formed which overthrew local authority. However, Mao himself soon became alarmed by how chaotic the country was and...
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    Effects of an Axis China

    Post WW1 Germany actually had a pretty good relationship with China. However, they eventually chose to ally with Japan. If Germany had allied with China, how would things be different? Even if Japan still does a Pearl Harbor, the US would only be at war with Japan and not with Nazi Germany. So...
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    WI Spain tries to invade China in 1570

    After conquering the American empires and taking over Philippines, Phillip II is overcome by arrogance and decides to sent a large force to try to conquer China. Naturally, this will probably be a complete disaster. What would the consequences of this be? Would the loss of prestige lead to...
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    What if America invaded Pakistan to chase down Osama Bin Laden

    In OTL Pakistan was always a reluctant partner in helping America fight terrorism. One of the large difficulties in occupying Afghanistan was that Taliban fighters from Pakistan would cross the border to Afghanistan and America would never be able to knock them out at the source. What if America...
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    Vasile Milea doesn't die -> Nicolae Ceausescu staying in power?

    During the rebellion that eventually turned into the Romanian Revolution, Vasile Milea was opposed to firing on the protesters and he attempted to shoot and incapacitate himself to get himself relieved of office. However, he accidentally hit an artery and died. The soldiers believed Ceausescu...
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    A 9-11 attack in 1975

    What if Muslim terrorists from Afghanistan flew planes into the World Trade Center and cause the tower to collapse. This occurs in the middle of the cold war and the country was a lot more militarized and would be may even be willing to use nukes. What would have happened if this occurred? Would...
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    Yuan Shikai accepted as Emperor of China

    In 1915 Yuan Shikai decided to become emperor of China but his previously loyal supporters opposed that and China was left divided and entered the warlord era once Yuan Shikai died. What if the country accepted the restoration of a monarchy and Yuan Shikai lived a little longer.
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    Would Luftwaffe having control of the skies allow germany to win?

    Lets say the Luftwaffe won the battle of britain. Would they be able to drive the RN out of the channel and allow german invasion to occur? And even if an invasion is not possible, would the Luftwaffe be able to simply bomb Britain to the ground until they surrender?
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    WI Nullification Crisis not resolved

    What if instead of being resolved by a compromise as in OTL, the nullification crisis is not resolved and south carolina continues to nullify the tariff of abominations. Andrew Jackson would not have allowed nullification and with the force bill he might just march down with an army to South...
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    WI South secedes in 1964

    What if in response to the civil rights act, the south secedes from the union. Since there are some nukes in the South, the US can't simply go invade because the south has nukes. So would this end up in a new CSA that survives?
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    Andrew Johnson assassinated with Lincoln

    The Lincoln assassination was part of a larger plot to kill the Secretary of State and the Vice president in order to eliminate the leadership. However, the assassin assigned to kill Andrew Johnson lost his nerve and did not carry out the assassination. What would happen if the assassin went...
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    WI Britain surrenders in 1940

    What would be the effects on world war 2 if the British surrendered after France fell? This could happen if Churchill dies for some reason. Will Germany have an easier time against the USSR and could Barbarossa succeed without the massive losses of the Luftwaffe in the battle of Britain?
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    Is Man in the High Castle ASB?

    The Man in the High Castle was made for a typical viewer and this would not be held up to the high standards that we have here at If it was posted here, do you think it would be considered ASB?
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    DBWI: Sealion wasn't such a tremendous success

    We know that in OTL, Operation Sealion was a highly successful plan which allowed the Nazis to take Britain. Following this, the Soviet Union was crushed by the Nazis allowing them complete control over Europe. What would have happened if Operation Sealion failed or even never happened at all...