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  1. Washington killed early

    George Washington was the preeminent leader of the Continental Army and some modern historians have called him "indispensable:" But what if he had died early in the war, say at White Plains or later at Trenton. How would the ARW have developed without him? What general(s) would have replaced...
  2. Is The Two Georges Worth Reading?

    I've been offered a copy of "The Two Georges". Given the comments about HT around here, I'd be interested in hearing about how good a story it is.
  3. Secession in a surviving CSA

    Assuming that somehow the CSA comes into existence, what provision, if any was there for future secession from the new nation? There is provision within the Confederate Constitution for adding states/territories but I do not see any provision for states leaving the Confederacy. Philosophic...
  4. Grant Killed before Shiloh

    After his victories at Forts Donelson and Henry, U.S. Grant moved southwards along the west bank of the Tennesssee River. General Lew Wallace took a position at Crump's Landing where most of the supply wagons were located while Grant occupied Pittsburgh Landing, traveling back to a...
  5. Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 fails to pass

    On May 12, 1854, Virginia Representative Harry A. Edmunson, in a drunken state and in the midst of a vicious debate with Ohio Representative Lewis Campbell on the floor of the House pulls out a pistol and shoots Representative Cambell dead. (IOTL he was prevented from doing so.) Edmunson is...
  6. Confederate Missouri

    What would be the most likely scenario where Missouri joins the Confederacy and remains in the CSA throughout the war?