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  1. AHC: Elect a 'Doctor Who' for Prime Minister

    The challenge I propose is to make the trajectory of one of the actors who played the Doctor (including some non-canons like Scream of the Shalka, 1960s Movies, Curse of Fatal Death, etc.) to be, somehow, elected PM with PoDs after 1963. [PS: Bonus for whoever does the 'Doctor-PM' after the...
  2. '68 Bloodbath

    My PoD is many "lone wolves" (on far-left and far-right) against the war in Vietnam, Great Society and Civil Rights begin planning attacks and rise your feelings and guns against several politicians and presidential candidates. Some targets are: - Richard Nixon - Hubert Humphrey - George...
  3. WI: Max Headroom's incident on '88 Election Night?

    And if the pirate incident that attacked WTTW just happen on the 1988 election day in a major American TV companies (like CBS, CNN or ABC)? "Max Headroom" can said this? Yeah, I think I'm better than Bush and Dukakis! Frick'n politicians! What would be the impact of a pirate enter on this...
  4. WI: Eurojapanese Targets on 9/11

    What if the Al-Qaeda was planning another attacks, no only in NYC or Washington, but in European or Asian cities. What are the cities and target points in your opinion? On my, I think London, Paris and Tokyo would be cities that could suffer attacks. Charles de Gaulle Airport, Tokyo Tower...
  5. Culture WI: 2Pac on 27 Club?

    What if the Shakur's death as butterflied to period enter June 1998 to May 1999? It would be very or somewhat different from OTL? How would the public reaction to know that a rapper entered a club with many rock icons?
  6. WI: Stalin lived the 60s?

    What if the soviet leader Joseph Stalin don't dies in 1953 and your death as butterflied to January 1964. As Stalin would relate to Eisenhower and JFK? And Cuba?

    FLAG CHALLENGE 128: An Ameriwank State Flag The goal of this challenge is to create a banner for a state (of any continent) a Ameriwank, joining elements of chosen state and United States. Can also follow coats of arms, but the divisions must be "respectable" (maximum a state with 60 to 80...
  8. AHC: Fernando de Noronha's War?

    Your challenge is to transform what was the Falklands War in Fernando de Noronha war between British and Brazilian. The war will continue to occur in 1982 and Prime Minister will remain Thatcher, but you have to create a point of difference between 1918 and 1982 to justify the conflict.
  9. AHC: POTUS Fidel Castro

    The challenge is to transform Castro in a US president between 1961 and 1996, with the point of divergence annexation and statehood of Cuba in the early 20th century.
  10. AHC: The largest number of former POTUS (and living POTUS) possible in 2015

    Rules: 1) Don't use ASBs and others things like this. 2) If possible, add a list of your timeline.
  11. AHC: British Brazil in 20th Century

    The challenge is to transform Brazil into a British domain (such as Canada, Australia or New Zealand) from 1900, but keeping the two national languages in this timeline: Portuguese and English. Bonus: Elizabeth II (Isabel I of Brazil) is the Empress of Brazil in this timeline.
  12. AHC: Some (few) leader(s) of the world, killed in the 9/11 attacks

    The challenge is to create a PoD that place in life a world leader risk, expanding the attack (or not). Nothing ASBs or the like.
  13. AHC: Make Oswald Mosley the British Hitler

    The point of divergence is from the victory of the Central Powers in WWI in 1918.
  14. List of analogues of Presidents or PMs

    Well, my (and many) favorite mode within the alternative history comes a thread !!! Similar between countries, international organizations, individuals and others. The lists do not necessarily need text boxes at the end of each term/period. So there's my first list: USA/UK (1979-present)...
  15. TLIAD: A Holy Deck on my hands

    PIUS X 1897-1908 After the sudden death of Pope Leo XIII in August 1897, the College of Cardinals was called to choose the new pontiff. While the Cardinals were "stuck" in St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, the decision lasted a week and on October 19, 1897 Cardinal Giuseppe...
  16. List of Alternate Openers of Olympic Games

    2020: President Kirsten Gillibrand, New York City (USA)
  17. DBWI: Jorge Bergoglio elected pope

    He said in his biography that he almost became a priest and then became one of the most famous chemists of the world, as well as the major British chemical Margaret Roberts. What if the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Jorge Bergoglio had been elected pope?
  18. AHC: President Marina Silva

    What if Silva was elected president of Brazil?
  19. Alternate Brazilian Presidential Election, 1989

    Brazilians and non-Brazilians, please vote!
  20. AHC: More countries with monarch of other country

    What if other countries had a head of government as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and others, maintains the foreign monarch with a constitutional monarchy?