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  1. LSD widely used?

    What if LSD was so popular in our culture, that it would be used in a way similar to SOMA in Huxley's Brave New World? How would be shaped our civilisation?
  2. England adopting "Civil" (Romano-Germanic) Law

    How could England adopt Civil Law... with a POD after 1100? For this to happen, I think it would be needed for Common Law not to develop much, or, at least, be superimposed by the Ius Commune in English territory during the adoptation of Roman Law, around the XIIth and XIIIth centuries. But...
  3. Alternate Battle of Talas

    What could have happened if the Chinese armies had won the Battle of Talas against the Arabs, in 751? Would we see a Chinese Central Asia? Or nothing would change at all? Discuss.
  4. Map challenge: Medieval Europe

    Here is a map I did nowadays. In this map, I want you to name all, or, if you prefere so, the biggest countries, telling how it got this way, etc. EDIT: Don't need to say the Irish/British minor states, if you doesn't want to. But I have a few demands: 1)It has to be in the middle ages...
  5. The Greek Empire

    I was planning this timeline for almost a year. I think it's about time to post the first things. The color system is based on "Gengis Khan Dies Earlier TL"; Red is only OTL, Blue is OTL and TTL, and black is only TTL. I hope you enjoy. Please, comments would be more than appreciated. THE...
  6. WI Ban Ki-Moon assassinated

    In march 22, 2007, a mortar explodes over the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon, in a press conference in Baghdad; He and prime minister Nouri Maliki of Iraq dies, consequently. What happens next?
  7. What if Caliph Umar didn't cross the Zagros Mountains?

    After the battle of al-Qādisiyyah, where the arabs won the persians, the muslim Caliph Umar thought about don't cross the Zagros Mountains ( in Iran, but his warriors convinced him to enter the plateau, and furthermore, to conquer Persia entirely...
  8. USSR winning the cold war.

    Could that ever been possible?
  9. CHALLENGE: Israel and Lebanon, the same state!

    This challenge is very simple. Make Israel and Lebanon united with a POD after 1900, bonus points for it being a jew-christian country in the Middle East, without a large number of muslims. OBS: Cannot be Israel annexing Lebanon in the 2006 war.
  10. WI The Church and the Pillars of Hercules

    What if the Church doesn't let any ship pass through the Gibraltar Channel and pass in the Ocean Sea, by the Inquisición or by decrete? I'll try to do a kind of TL: In 1492, soon after the end of the Reconquista, an idea happen for a bishop (I think it was) an idea for the creation of a Holy...
  11. CHALLENGE: Surviving Megafauna in Americas

    What could possibly make the megafauna's animals in the Americas survive? And what could this change the colonization, and something else?
  12. Alternate North America

    I am new here, and this is my first thread, so I'll try my best, and it is not THAT good:D ; (Please, if I made something wrong, correct me) This is a map of North America in the year 2006. I'd like you to explain it and say what the POD is. OBS: Red-United States of America...