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  1. A Tropical Queen - Brazil 1964 TL

    And I'll tell you a story that my grandfather told me: he said that, during the Legality Campaign by Leonel Brizola in 1961, his family would hide under the table in fear of an air bombing and they would listen to the radio, on which, in the moment that Brizola was about to speak, this music...
  2. A Tropical Queen - Brazil 1964 TL

    Great work, dude, keep it on with it!
  3. LSD widely used?

    What if LSD was so popular in our culture, that it would be used in a way similar to SOMA in Huxley's Brave New World? How would be shaped our civilisation?
  4. The Great Crusade (Reds! Part 3)

    Finally I caught up with this thread. It is great! Keep up with it!
  5. The Struggle- Hammer, Sickle, and the Number Four

    Seems to be a good idea.
  6. The Struggle- Hammer, Sickle, and the Number Four

    Anxious to see what is going to happen in France. :D
  7. The Struggle- Hammer, Sickle, and the Number Four

    I'm liking it a lot. Please continue. :p
  8. England adopting "Civil" (Romano-Germanic) Law

    How could England adopt Civil Law... with a POD after 1100? For this to happen, I think it would be needed for Common Law not to develop much, or, at least, be superimposed by the Ius Commune in English territory during the adoptation of Roman Law, around the XIIth and XIIIth centuries. But...
  9. Remnants of Rome

    Oooh, that end was very heavy, but, in the other hand, it was well-written. Congratulations, Xwarq. I hope you manage to go on with your writing career.
  10. Remnants of Rome

    Hey, Xwarq, I started reading this TL around ten days ago and am now in page 52. I am posting just to say that RoR can't simply die! It is very good! Perhaps you could take a long break if you don't want to carry the burden of updating regularly, but do not make it ended now, please!

    Pretty damn funny. :D But if they had survived... would this actually change ANYTHING?!
  12. Significant human population on Falklands pre 1492

    Well, if wolves managed to do it (, what stops normal humans from getting there? Only, perhaps, some natives fishing as far as there.
  13. The Golden City: A TL

    Good one. Is Persia now completely gone, for good? =p
  14. Larger nations of South America

    Depending of how old the POD is, I think it is fairly possible to have just two states in south america: Gran Colombia and Brazil. If, for example, Brazil kept Uruguay after Artigas, Buenos Aires would be fairly near, and nobody would support Argentinean independence. And, if Brazil kept going...
  15. 1492: The year a star fell on Earth

    I am planning on doing a future TL similar to it. But with the sea level raising in a quick period, though.
  16. Alternate Battle of Talas

    Supposing this to be possible, that the Tang manage to hold Central Asia for a while, could we actually get a large Manichean area? I mean, a few states around, and, later, Manichean Turks invading Persia?Or is this too difficult to happen?
  17. Alternate Battle of Talas

    What could have happened if the Chinese armies had won the Battle of Talas against the Arabs, in 751? Would we see a Chinese Central Asia? Or nothing would change at all? Discuss.
  18. A New Portugal (an alternate Ksar-el-Kebir)

    Hmm... the TL to be developed seems to be interesting. Tell me, my fellow countryman, what do you plan to happen now on? What are the dutch going to do? Will we see a dutch Argentina or something like it?
  19. Map challenge: Medieval Europe

    No attempts? :( This way you guys make me sad. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( :D