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  1. Challenge: Make a country have this as their national flag

    This one came out from the Flag Continuation thread. Your challenge is to make it the national flag of a country
  2. AH Challenge: Korea Pulls a Meiji

    So, the title kind-of says it all. How can we make Korea have some sort of a Meiji restoration? (And probably conquer Japan :D)
  3. No multi-party democracy in Turkey

    multi-party democracy was established in turkey in late 40's.and let's say, inönü thinks that allowing other parties might cause anti-kemalists to get to power and begin a counter-revolution(which happened OTL), so he does not allow other parties to be established for a long time(maybe until his...
  4. DBWI: China goes communist

    so, what if the chinese communists weren't overrun in Manchuria in 1946 and somehow managed to take power in china, how would it look like?
  5. Stalin Commits Suicide

    According to wikipedia, So, what if stalin commited suicide and died after his wife's death?