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  1. Bastiram

    WI question, Dano-Holsteiner Helstat Nationalism

    So to those that don't know it "Helstaten", is a Danish term from back in the day, which was a term to describe the Kingdom of Denmark + the duchies, Slesvig, Holstein and Lauenburg, which all were in personal union with Denmark. before the Napoleonic wars it also included Norway. Anyways it...
  2. Bastiram

    An Age of Prosperity
    Threadmarks: Prologue I

    Prologue I: Introduction The coat of arms of the Estridsen dynasty. Itself a maternal branch of the Jelling Dynasty. One of the most important and influential European houses, best known for supplying a long series of Danish Kings. It rose to prominence in around the 12th-13th century. Its...
  3. Bastiram

    An Age of Prosperity, The Kingdom of Denmark
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    In 1216, a Golden bull proclaimed everything north of the Elbe and Elde River, to no longer be part of his Holy Roman Empire, but to be a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The County of Holstein and the two duchies of Mecklenburg and Pomerania now answered to King Valdemar “the victorious”. In...
  4. Bastiram

    Planning my first TL, hoping you guys can answer some questions!

    Hello, been checking this forum regularly for 7-8 years now, even posted a little bit! And finally found the time, and to some degree the courage to start my own timeline. But I have some reservations towards some of the problems I have discovered. To avoid giving too much away, the timelines...
  5. Bastiram

    Maximum population of Denmark?

    Inspired by the maximum population of Canada thread, what is the possible maximum population of Denmark? How to increase the population I don't know, I have heard that the population in the 14th century reached around one million people in Denmark, this is probably with Scania. The...
  6. Bastiram

    Sound Dues

    In 1429 the Danish King Eric Eric of Pomerania introduced the sound dues for all foreign ships, they had to pay 1-2 % tax for the cargo they carried. What if he never introduced the sound dues? Without it Denmark would not be as rich as it was, but the king would not be able to hire...
  7. Bastiram

    Challenge: Denmark

    Make Denmark keep Holstein-Lauenburg and Scania to this date. How to do it i am not sure. For Holstein maybe if Denmark din not break The November Constitution. that would not trigger the Second Schleswig War, and Denmark could keep Holstein? For Scania, i have no idea other than it was along...
  8. Bastiram

    WI: Second Schleswig War

    What if Denmark had won the 2nd Schleswig war, how would the German unification be effected and if the Austro-Prussian War happend as it did in our history. Would Prussia be more careful with a Denmark that is having more focus on their military in 1866 (and might want revenge for the war in...