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  1. The US Acts against Mexico after the Zimmerman Telegram

    How exactly would they come to that conclusion when the Mexicans outright rejected the offer? They had just gotten US troops out of the country, why would they do anything that would renew the intervention? Also the USA is going to have to be completely convinced the Mexicans are co-operating...
  2. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    One of the problems for the Wehrmacht is that Hitler is insisting on guarding everywhere, all while planning for one last assault in the east. Some people are very unhappy with that, as in bomb planting unhappy. Thanks!
  3. Is there any possibility that the United States join the Axis powers?

    I think we have two threads in the last month alone asking this or suggesting they could somehow have been. The short answer remains no in anything remotely like OTL.
  4. If Theodore Roosevelt wins in 1912 what year does he get the US to join WW1?

    This is the country that thought the Zimmerman telegram was a good idea, on top of any number of other serious strategic/diplomatic mistakes, you will understand if I am sceptical about their stupidity level.
  5. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    Not exactly what I have in mind, but closeish.
  6. If Theodore Roosevelt wins in 1912 what year does he get the US to join WW1?

    I think his best bet if Roosevelt actually wants to get into the war is to follow the same pattern as his namesake in WW2, that is a gradual ratcheting up of US Navy activity in the Atlantic to create a casus belli for war.
  7. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    I will add China to the list of things to do as an Addendum and France was already on the list. If I was going to do a full rewrite I probably would add more about the French, but if anyone wanted to do a 'Paris Shuffle' TL I wouldn't object. :)
  8. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    Well let's says that's not exactly how things are going to work out, partly owing to the outcome of some political decisions and partly because of the timing of certain events, especially as after trying to decypher data about moon phases and weather I've finally selected D-Day 1943. :)
  9. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    The conferences and their somewhat different outcomes, will be indeed be covered by the sequel.
  10. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    I've decided to keep it in this thread, easier to track for anyone who arrives late to the party. :)
  11. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    Thank you very much. As things stand I have about 30000 words of the draft of the sequel done, getting up around D-Day as it stands. I expect to start posting it late August-early September. In the mean time I am going to do some small addendums, just short pieces. They will either discuss...
  12. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942
    Threadmarks: 31st December 1942 – Britain - The End of the Beginning

    31st December 1942 – Britain - The End of the Beginning The war that consumed all of Britain’s energies had taken a very different course from that which anyone in September of 1938 had envisioned. Those who thought it could be avoided had naturally been the most bitterly disappointed of all...
  13. Fantasque Time Line (France Fights On) - English Translation

    Given the situation in Malaya and Indochina I would assume the invasion of Burma is off the menu and the DEI is going to be a struggle for the Japanese but one they probably will go for since they need access to oil.
  14. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    Well I tend to use 'Wages of Destruction# as a source and that certainly puts forward the idea that the Ruhr campaign was actually fairly effective, it was shifting the focus to Berlin that was a mistake. Also ITTL part of the focus is on persuading the Luftwaffe to move more its resources to...
  15. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942
    Threadmarks: 31st December 1942 – Germany - Black Christmas

    31st December 1942 – Germany - Black Christmas On Christmas day 1942 a radio broadcast went out to the whole of Germany, with voices from all over the Reich and the occupied territories. It was intended to remind the people of the scale of the Wehrmacht success and that so long as they remained...
  16. 1935-1945: twin-engined day fighters are in push-pull configuration

    The Do 335 had some promise, but suffered the problem of being seen as obsolete in comparison to the jet aircraft and being too big and resource intensive for Germany at the time. Fix either or both of those problems and it could be an effective fighter in service.
  17. Have the RN completely mallet the IJN in 'Operation C' - Indian Ocean Raid

    Get the Japanese force to split up and go after multiple targets? About the only way I could see the RN pulling off a decisive victory. Hammer one part of the IJN force and then make good their escape.
  18. 1938 Adolf Hitler died from plane crash before appeasement

    Hell no, he was a Nazi and one of Hitler's personal favourites who only had second thoughts when they started losing. If Hitler drops dead in 1938 Goering probably takes over, who may be more cautious. Though he may have issues with being seen as to close to the Junkers class and big business...
  19. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    He has been brought into the tent ITTL and Monty isn't about to let anyone else act on a whim. :)
  20. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942
    Threadmarks: 12th November – 28th December – Burma and Malaya – Operation Buttermere – Part II – The Drive to Penang and the Thai Border

    12th November – 28th December – Burma and Malaya – Operation Buttermere – Part II – The Drive to Penang and the Thai Border The opening moves of Operation Buttermere began on the 12th of November with the dispatch of detachments of what Wingate’s Chindits. Some were dispatched by glider, though...