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  1. "A Very British Transition" - A Post-Junta Britain TL

    Is there any chance for political stability in the UK?
  2. The Great Divergence: A History of the World Since 1750

    So no Doña Guillotina then?
  3. No Prohibition/Volstead Act

    IIRC - aren't cocktails at least in part a product of the prohibition era. Would they take longer to be invented, as more people take their drinks neat instead?
  4. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

  5. The R-QBAM main thread

    Will you be adding the Komi-Permyak Okrug (formerly the Komi-Permyak Autonomous Okrug) in a future patch?
  6. Map Thread XXI

    IIRC, Samogitia had some degree of autonomy.
  7. WorldRaj tribute thread

    I would suggest that the position of FK is a more modern development, when the Seven Crowns were in their "conquer EVERYTHING" mode.
  8. WorldRaj tribute thread

    Another option was Henry III of France. Of course, in TTL, the ruler of England and France are the same person. In regards to this, I suggest that the Omni-Monarch becomes the de jure head of state, but with a hereditary governor position - e.g. the house of Orange, or the house of Egmond (the...
  9. AHC: The Imposition of an Artificial Language

    Just as long as it isn't Vötgil.
  10. WorldRaj tribute thread

    I meant in the WorldRaj timeline.
  11. WorldRaj tribute thread

    Were they even under Burgundian rule in the first place?
  12. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    So it is. Also, I spotted Senegambia in there. And Gabquetorial Guinea. And Syrebenon. And Iraquait. And something funky going on with Israel, not sure exactly.
  13. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Yes, the floor is made of floor. Also, Canadian Alaska Venezuela-Guyana Niger-Chad-Cameroon Egypt-Sudan Ethiopia-Eritrea big South Africa big Equador India-Myanmar-Thailand China-Pakistan unified Korea independent Jewish Autonomous Oblast USSR including Turkey, with the Black Sea being drained...
  14. These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    The Conservatives are in for a pounding, by the looks of it.
  15. Map Thread XXI

    I'm a little confused as to why there is what appears to be a re-united Yugoslavia in there. How exactly did that happen?
  16. WorldRaj tribute thread

    The 7 Crowns bit in the top left is missing Castile, BTW.
  17. WorldRaj tribute thread

    Just to confirm - is the Omni-Monarch the head of state of Egypt, or is there a Sultan/Khedive/Pasha/"whatever the local governor type person is called" in charge? Also, I'm assuming the Shilluk Kingdom is what is in the middle, just north of South Sudan.
  18. WI: Gaul was Germanized during the Great Migration

    The Franks in OTL France largely assimilated to the locals' Latinate culture, though.
  19. WorldRaj tribute thread

    I'm not sure that it's quite complicated enough. :p