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  1. Tales Weaver

    DBPC: Successful 1964 Brazil coup attempt

    The coup by General Humberto de Alencar de Castello Branco in Brazil against Joao Goulart in 1964’s failure would seem obvious. Due to many of the workers supporting Goulart. Was this support on Joao Goulart that inevitable?
  2. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: WW2 doesn’t spill over to Latin America

    South America, alongside Europe and Pacific islands and China, has been well-Known battlefield of WW2. So here is a challenge: With PoD of 1933, prevent South American theater from opening in WW2.
  3. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: No South American Theater of WW2.

    if anyone can name three fronts of WW2 were a Western front, fought between Nazi Germany and Britain, Eastern front, fought between the Italo-German coalition and USSR, and Pacific front, fought between the empire of japan and USA, and South American Front which was somewhat chaotic. the allies...
  4. Tales Weaver

    DBPC: would Bush have Invaded Iraq?

    one of the most controversial decisions by the Gore administration was the Iraq war in 2003. we could understand why the Gore administration would have launched the war, as they were out of options when Airstrikes did nothing to achieve its goals. and democratic establishment's support for the...
  5. Tales Weaver

    DBPC: F-22 Export Ban

    F-22's Exports into US allies have been known worldwide with recent Purchase of F-22 by South Korea as KF-22. I think this is ASB but was there a possiblity of export of F-22 being banned even to US allies?
  6. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: Screw TWA

    With PoD of 1975, make Trans World Airlines to declare bankruptcy and liquidate instead of becoming one of biggest airlines in USA. Well.. Being founded by Howard Hughes, it would be a pretty hard challenge but still..
  7. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: Independent Korea

    With PoD of 1910 September, your goal is to make Korea independent. Instead of being integrated into Japanese prefectures.
  8. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: interrupt Japanese Democracy

    Japanese Democracy goes back to taisho era, which managed to stablize despite great depression. Your goal, is with PoD of 1920, is to have Japan fall to totalitarianism by late 1930s.
  9. Tales Weaver

    DBWI: Monday night Wars ends.

    Monday Night Wars, is a naming for WWF-WCW rivalry that went on since 1995. with both frienchise being popular to this day, we don't see either becoming the Professional Wrestling promotion, instead of being the big three, which comprises of WWF, WCW, and ECW. was there any possiblity of Monday...
  10. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: friendlier relation between JSP and JCP

    the coalition between LDP and JSP didn't come off as suprise here, due to Japanese communist party's success. However, JSP and JCP's mutual hatred against each other reminds me of German SPD-KPD feud(or more currently, SPD-linke) feud. We see Social democrats and communists entering coalition...
  11. Tales Weaver

    DBWI: Less popular Alternate History genre

    Well.. Since I am watching Man in the high castle series on Amazon Prime, it seems that Alternate History genre is getting more popular, recently, we saw Pavane or Bring the Jubilee becoming very popular, earning 9 figure box office, if not billions. I wonder if it wasn't so?
  12. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: Screw Google Glass

    Google Glass, I own one these days, it is a Head Mounted Display system that acts like Smartphone that you can attach on the Head. I wonder, what would it take to take that technological wonder into a dismal failure?
  13. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: Screw Portsmouth FC

    Since 2003, Portsmouth FC has been strong Giant in Premier League, known for their 3 Consecutive wins in UEFA Champions League recently. Now, here is a challenge: get that team relegated to Bottom of profeesional league like Football League One or Two with PoD of 2003-2004 season.
  14. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: Danica Patrick, Indy500 driver

    Danica Patrick is an retired F1 racecar driver, known for being first woman winning F1 grand prixes and first woman driver since Giovanna amati. The challenge is, have her career be in indy500 instead. With pOd of 2000.
  15. Tales Weaver

    Top Airplanes Never built..

    Well.. We have (top video game, movies never made). So i wanted to make some new one for airplanes. So.. Here it goes. --- Boeing 727-300 powered by CFM international CFM56, this aircraft was developed in 1980. With a bigger airframe, this aircraft was built for low-demand transatlantic flights.
  16. Tales Weaver

    The Roar of Tiger: a collaborative TL.

    My first collaborative TL, please enjoy.. -- Autumn 1985: Jung Tae-Soo, after taking advise from a fortuneteller to "embrace the steel", founds the hanbo securities company.
  17. Tales Weaver

    The Starry Flight: an Aviation TL
    Threadmarks: OP

    well.. here is my first TL. please enjoy. this TL deals with the POD of Samsung purchase attempt of Fokker. In OTL, it failed as Hanjin and Daewoo didn't participate in the consortium, but in This TL, it succeeds. well.. enjoy the TL.
  18. Tales Weaver

    WI: Jordan over Bowie

    If Portland Trail Blazers chose Michael Jordan over Sam Bowie during 1984 NBA draft, how would it change NBA?
  19. Tales Weaver

    "TV shows from Alternate History" game

    This thread is somewhat similar in concept to the "AH Title & Description" and "TL Title & Description" games elsewhere on these boards, but with a different focus: to create an TV show from alternate history. For example: I will start. Show Name: hidden knight Creator: Ishinomori Shotaro...
  20. Tales Weaver

    AH work Description Credits to @Midnight-Blue766 One poster provides a title of a work, then the next poster describes the work, its contents and circumstances, etc., before posting another title, and so on. For...