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  1. What if Egypt was profitable for the British empire?

    Thing is Egypt was a British protectorate not a colony or fully controlled by them. After the anglo-egyptian war of 1882 they pick someone to be king and let them have military bases along the Suez canal to protect it. It would have be the up keep of the bases that would have cost the british...
  2. Horses/Farm Animals in the Americas

    It may actually make the conquest of north america easier with pre-existing roads for Europeans to follow. The inca & Aztec had roads that lead to their cities & wealth so got taked over by the spanish relatively quickly.
  3. Who else could have developed gunpowder?

    Sulphur, salt peter and honey mixed together can be used as a medicine or an explosive fire risk.
  4. AHC: United Kingdom, Germany, and United States on same side in WW1.

    Cecil Rhodes hoped to achieve this with his scholaships. Bringing the future leaders of the German and Anglo/america together.
  5. AHQ: What is some technology which theoretically could have been invented earlier?

    The royal navy used box kite gliders for observation in the early 1900's made by an american called cody but based on work of australian lawrence hargraves. Pre wright brothers.
  6. AHQ: What is some technology which theoretically could have been invented earlier?

    I believe chinese armies would deploy large box kites to lift an observer up to check on enemy movements.
  7. Indian Marine Corps: An Alternate Indian Military History

    Pirates were the reason the US and Britain have Marines as well as to guard navy bases. If the East India Company who formed the Bombay Marine which became the Royal Indian Navy before indepedence when it was split between Pakistan & India to form their navies had pirate problem where they...
  8. What revolutionary technologies did OTL miss?

    Ball bearings too, DC electrical generators are a relatively simple design & work as motors but again you need quality bearings for the rotor to spin on.
  9. DBWI: Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Indiana Jones

    Harrison Ford, you mean the guy who was the subject of "Grass Castles" the tell all story of a humble carpenter who became the Cannabis King of Hollywood.
  10. What revolutionary technologies did OTL miss?

    In the 1880's Edison had patented what he called the Grasshopper Telegraph for use on trains where the telegraph signal jumped from the train to the telegraph lines that run along side. I guess in theory this could work with a mobile telephone device but was not developed as how do the telephone...
  11. What would fashion look like in a world without world wars?

    Wristwatches became popularized with WWI as the were easier to check when organizing the timing of an assault. T-shirts were originally an under garment but when fighting in hotter climates soldiers began wearing them without the uniform shirt in WWII.
  12. A successful settler colony founded by Americans?

    There were successful US settler colonies it's just they were not overseas with the exception of Hawaii and ended up becoming states like Texas, California, Utah.
  13. Sakhalin Island is colonized by Westerners and becomes a country

    What if when Admiral Perry went to force open Japan he got rebuffed ended up sailing north to seize land on Sakhalin Island to set up a US naval port and a base to trade with China, Russia and intervene in Japan much easier.
  14. Q: Would the CP have considered an eventual attempt of invasion of the UK if France would have quickly fallen in 1914?

    Thing was in 1914 the Irish Problem wasn't the Catholic/Fenian/IRA as home rule was a few strokes of pen of coming through but the Protestant/Ulster /Unionists who were against home rule. The Unionists had the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) which had been organised by former British army office...
  15. WI: Hitler’s fate is unknown?

    No the Boys from Brazil had Mengele escape to South America with Hitlers blood with which he use to clone baby boys which are then adopted to couples all over the world that were similar to Adolf parents to recreate his home environment. The fathers all older low level civil servants had to...
  16. Is There a way to get a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Sequel?

    The deal with Disney & Warner to use there characters was that they had equal screen time hence Donald & Duffy do a dueling duet on the piano then Mickey & Bugs parachute together. The way things are going with Disney they may end up owning the movie rights & the characters rights but it would...
  17. AHC: USA becomes a nation of bodybuilders

    You need to start them young so add another line to the Pledge of Allegiance that is recited by school children in the USA saying " I promise to stay fit & health to defend these ideals" reinforced by repeating it before all school sports actives where the anthem isn't played.
  18. What are some good post cold war POD's for Australia? Or in general?

    Something simple like Godwin Grech not faking the Utegate email would have prevented the start of the revolving door of leadership with both the LNP & Labor. Australia would then have greater chance of having some form of federally backed climate policy rather then it being a political play...
  19. What if Kingston, Ontario were Canada's national capital?

    Unlikely to happen but if it did Kingston would be built in a more defensive manner in case of attack from just over the water which could lead to the world longest undefended land border becoming more militarized. Also unlike Ottawa with Hull just over the bridge there would not be Quebecois...