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  1. Effects on Asia if China wins 1st Sino-Japanese war

    How does this effect Qing Chinas legitimacy? How does this effect Koreas independence? Does this prevent Imperial Japan before it begins?
  2. PC: India as rich as otl China

    With a 1900 POD can India’s economy develop as successfully as China did otl? Or is this considered ASB? Both countries have similar populations yet Chinas GDP is around 6 times greater than that of India.
  3. Is it possible to have a prosperous Mexico with a 1900 POD

    And by prosperous I mean same GDP per capita and quality of life of a Western European nation and no massive drug cartels that control entire states.
  4. AHC: Most populated Iceland possible

    With any POD after the first Viking settlements, what’s the most populated Iceland could have gotten?
  5. LGBT rights in a surviving USSR

    Needless to say, LGBT rights in most post soviet nations are pretty dire, but if the fall of the USSR never occurs in an ATL, how would things change? The USSR liked to portray itself as morally superior to the west, but in the early 2000s countries in western Europe were starting to legalize...
  6. AHC: Africa same GDP per capita as South America

    Is this possible with a 1900 POD or is this considered ASB? For reference, the average GDP per capita of South America is around 7,200 USD. While Africa is around 1,500 USD.
  7. Would China eventually democratize if the KMT won the civil war?

    And if they do democratize when would it be? Would it be similar to Taiwan's timeline?
  8. How powerful would a surviving Austria-Hungary be?

    In either a no WW1 or Central Powers WW1 victory timeline, how potentially powerful could a surviving Austria-Hungary be in terms of economic, cultural, scientific and military powers?
  9. AHC: Turn China into a Football/Soccer world power

    Football/Soccer is one of the most popular sports in China and despite their massive population of 1.4 billion people, they have had no success (on the men's side atleast, women use to be good). Even compared to other Asian countries that have significantly less people (Japan/South Korea) they...
  10. AHC: United States with 500 million population

    With a 1900 POD whats the most realistic way to get a USA with 500million people by modern day? IOTL USA has around 330 million people, so an extra 170 million would be necessary. How would this extra population effect the country and what region would most of these excess citizens locate to?
  11. How does Japan respond to losing the Russo-Japanese war?

    IOTL, Russia losing the RJW almost caused a successful revolution. Also, despite Japan winning the RJW, it caused social unrest in the country and significant financial troubles. If Japan loses the RJW, how does Japanese society respond? Would there be a revolution like there was in Russia...
  12. AHC: Australia with a population of 100 million people

    IOTL Australia has about 25 million, with a 1900 POD, is there any non-ASB scenario Australia could reach 100 million by modern day?
  13. Would something like the EU ever exist in a no world wars TL?

    In a TL where the last major war in Europe was the second Balkan war, would a more peaceful Europe ever conceive something like the EU?
  14. AHC: Make Venezuela as rich as Saudi Arabia

    Both countries have similar sized populations, both countries have similar amount of oil reserves in their territory, yet Saudi Arabia is immensely more wealthy than Venezuela. Is it plausible that Venezuela can be as wealthy and prosperous as Saudi Arabia?
  15. AHC: Mexico without massive Cartels

    Although it's not as bad it use to be, Mexico is still scarred with drug wars and violence. Mexico still has one of the largest homicide rates in the world and the Cartels still control some northern states and carry out acts of horrendous violence. With a 1900 POD, what's the most realistic...
  16. How plausible would it be for a surviving Russian Empire to hold onto all its territory?

    I'm talking about areas like Congress Poland, the Baltics, Finland and the southern caucuses regions of modern day Armenia and Azerbaijan. In an ATL where Russia either wins WW1 before revolt or WW1 is avoided in its entirely and the Russian empire moves along without any major crisis, can...
  17. How powerful could a surviving modern day Ottoman Empire be?

    With a POD after the Second Balkan war, in a TL where either WW1 doesn't happen or the Ottomans wisely stay out of it and keep their post 1914 borders and stabilize politically long enough to profit off the oil in their territory, how powerful could an Ottoman state become by modern day?
  18. AHC: Earliest possible Jewish president of the United States

    When is the earliest non-ASB scenario that a jewish person could win the presidency of the USA?
  19. AHC: Earliest possible war between the USA and Japan

    With a 1900 POD, whens the earliest Japan and USA could have gone to war over a non-ASB scenario?
  20. AHC: Richer more developed Sub Sahara Africa

    Today with the exception of Afghanistan and Yemen, virtually all the worlds poorest countries are in SSA. is there anyway with a 1900 POD that SSA can be as developed as North Africa? Or maybe even as nice South America?