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  1. The Decade of Disaster: What if the Franco-Prussian War Escalated? (relaunched)

    I am adoring the story so far, fingers crossed for a post-war map!
  2. DBWI: Prussia 1966 World Football Champions

    The OTL 1966 FIFA match is infamous. An obviously rigged game caused a riot in Berlin that caused an international diplomatic crisis - the first boarder changes in Western Europe since the war. What are your opinions on post-war Europe if the Game had gone the other way, what if the Prussians...
  3. POD for the "Kick in the door" to work

    As the infamous quote goes, all Hitler presumed when invading the Soviet Union was that "We only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down." What POD would have been needed to internally weaken the SU so much that they would have outright state collapse...
  4. Alternative Pseudo-Revolutionary/Napoleonic Figures

    The French Revolution and the rising of Napoleon was set forward by a very particular series of events involving famine, financial ruin and political repression. The French revolution is by no means exactly reproducible but I have always wondered about the possibility or requirements for other...