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  1. Likelihood that Queen Anne of Great Britain has a child that survives into adulthood.

    To be clear I'm not just talking about after she became Queen, I only mentioned the title to guarantee there would be no confusion with Anne Boleyn. Now on the main point. Considering Prince Edward, the Duke of Gloucester, survived until age 11 what are people's thoughts on the possibility that...
  2. A distraction removed, A Saddam falls in 1991 ATL

    POD Last Days of the Gulf War On February the 26th an infamous incident where to occur which would be remembered as the Highway of Death where fleeing Iraqi forces, alleged Kuwaiti hostages and refugees (collaborators with the Iraqi occupation, mainly PLO aligned militants and their families)...
  3. Possible effects of a failed Sea Lion on Allied operations latter in the War

    I was recently thinking about a sea lion discussion thread (which's name I can't remember) and how people said some effects of a failed Sea lion could be not Africa Corps and Crete potentially remaining in allied hands. I thought of how could this effect allied operation by say 1942 with the...
  4. If Saddam fell in 1991 would Bush Junior have gone into Iran instead?

    I was wondering if Saddam did fall in 1991 if Bush Junior would have gone into Iran instead. As Iran was acquiring nuclear material for a long time(Clinton started sanction against Iran in 1996). I think Iraq was a more personal matter for Bush but what does AH.COM think?