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  1. True Lies

    I was recently rewatching the movie, True Lies, and I was thinking about the ramifications of it. In the movie, the Crimson Jihad, a mythical Arab terrorist group manages somehow to obtain some ex Soviet nukes. They set one off in the Florida Keys and are prevented from nuking a city in...
  2. My Enemy's Ally by Robert Buettner

    I recently read My Enemy's Ally by Buettner. It's a Nazi WI. In the novel, some in the German government realize that Heisenberg either doesn't have the competence to spearhead the Nazi A-bomb or he'll subtly sabotage it so they decide to have a secret program to build one. In addition, since...
  3. DBWI Hitler hadn't decided the Ukrainians were the descendants of Vikings

    In 1940, after the Fall of France the Germans were gearing up to invade Russia in 1941. One of the mystics that were attached to the SS pointed out that the Viking had invaded and founded several cities in Russia almost a thousand years before. As a result, when the Germans started Operation...
  4. Yesterday-A movie

    In case nobody else heard about it, there is a movie coming out in late June here in the USA. It has an AH premise. Apparently somehow a guy wakes up in a world which has never heard of the band called the Beatles, but he remembers them. Therefore he decides to introduce their music to the...
  5. DBWI-What else do you think Joseph Jughashvili would have done as a career?

    We all know that Joseph Jughashvili was one of the greatest patriarch's of the Russian Orthodox Church. According to the history books he was thinking at one time of leaving the seminary. What do you think would have happened if he had?
  6. What would it take for Mexico to go with the Zimmerman Telegram?

    A major factor in the Mexican dismissal of the alliance proposed by Germany in the Zimmerman telegram was that they had just recently completed the Mexican revolution. What would it take for them to not dismiss the Zimmerman telegram? A. The Mexican revolution occurred a decade or two...
  7. DBWI: Mick Jagger had not dropped from the London School of Economics

    Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Mick Jagger had considered dropping out of school and going into music. What do you think? Do you think he could have made it? What impact would that have had on the British?
  8. DBWI: What if Custer didn't bring the gatling guns?

    WI Custer didn't bring the gatling guns to the Little Big Horn? Would he still have lost to the Indians? If so, how badly? Who do you think would have won the election in 1876 if he didn't run?
  9. WI the VC had struck in the USA?

    WI the VC and/or the NVA had decided to strike the USA back by attacking in the USA mainland or Hawaii?
  10. WI smallpox got out?

    The last known cases of smallpox occurred in 1978. As far as anyone knows the only place that the smallpox virus exists is in labs in the US and Russia. If it got out through an accident or on purpose by some terrorist organization what would be the death toll worldwide?
  11. HOI IV delay

    Paradox just announced that HOI IV has been delayed until late Q2 2015. My guess is that they ran into some snags with the engine for it.
  12. 9/11 occurs 30 yrs earlier

    WI instead of AQ heading up the 9/11 attack in 2001 it had occurred 30 years earlier and been organized by the PLO or some splinter group? Or alternately, it had been run by the NVA to strike back at the US for attacking North Vietnam? Obviously they are not going to hit the WTC, but NYC is...
  13. WI Pres Jackson was assassinated

    Would the US Bank have been rechartered? What would have been the ramifications on the SC nullification crisis? Might it have spread and triggered an ACW several decades early?
  14. President Kennedy adds to the moon speech

    I was thinking the other day about what if President Kennedy had went beyond what he spoke about in the moonshot speech. I was thinking about something like.
  15. They hit the UN on 9/11 also

    WI in addition or instead of hitting the WTC on 9/11, AL-Queda rams a plane into the UN building?
  16. UN buildon on 9/11

    What if either in addition to or instead of one of the WTC buildings they struck the UN building,?
  17. Term limits amendment

    I realize that the POD would most likely be before 1800, but it mostly concerns the 20th century so I put it here. WI the US founding fathers had gotten a term limits amendment passed which limits the POTUS to 2 or 3 terms only? What impact would this have on the depression and/or WWII?
  18. Out of the Dark

    Has anyone read the book Out of the Dark by David Weber? It could be considered AH because although most of the book takes place in 2012 the POTUS is a woman. It reminds me quite a bit of the Worldwar series by Turtledove, but with an element of fantasy. Spoiler alert: Apparently there is an...
  19. Sounds like Skynet? When I saw this article the first thing that I thought of was Skynet from TIII.:eek:
  20. Terra Nova

    What did everyone think of Terra Nova? I thought that it was interesting, but one thing that kept bugging me through out the premiere was the weaponry. I realize that not everyone is going to be carrying around the weapons necessary to to take down a T-rex or a Brontosaur, but I didn't see the...