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  1. HesitatedEye

    WI: If Senna isn't Disqualified

    With the 20th Anniversary of Senna's death I've been watching alot of his famous races including the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix which had the infamous coming together of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna at the chicane before the main straight. Senna kept going while Prost didn't allowing Senna to win...
  2. HesitatedEye

    What if Schumacher hadn't hit Hill in 94

    This is just something that has been bugging me for a few days so I thought I'd ask what if Michael Schumacher hadn't hit Damon Hill in Adelaide in 1994 other than the obvious in that Damon would have passed Michael and gone on to the race and the title that year would he have had a less error...
  3. HesitatedEye

    Apollo 14

    This is my first post asking a question so please bare with me. I just watched Apollo 13 and was curious if anyone offered the United States any help and what help if any could they offer? Would the Soviets have helped and if they did and they succeeded what would happen to the pilots and the...