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  1. Komnenos002

    How important were both World Wars to woman's right?

    I've been trying to get into some historical reading outside the armies and map-painting. Woman's rights, employment, cultural trends, are all something I am *spectacularly* ignorant on, so it seemed like a potentially good topic to spur discussion here. I know female employment picked up...
  2. Komnenos002

    Emergence of a pan-Mediterranean/"Roman" Identity?

    This thread is based upon an idea I saw espoused by Soverihn awhile back, that has been bouncing around my head on and off since then. Basically that, before the Arab/Islamic explosion that swept through the Middle East and Africa to create a religious divide between the states on north and...
  3. Komnenos002

    AHC: Swap Britain and Germany's Post-WW2 Roles

    I understand this would be impossible to fully accomplish, but what would Europe and the wider world look like if Germany and Britain had many of their post-WW2 "traits" swapped for one another? So for instance, Britain pulls off an "Economic Miracle" after cessation of hostilities to become...
  4. Komnenos002

    How successful can a powerful Byzantium be during the Industrial Age?

    Very few timelines have taken a surviving Byzantium through to the industrial age and beyond. What I'm curious about, is how successful the Empire can be in the new ball-game. For the purposes of this thread, I'm going to suggest the PoD is no Mohammed, and the Byzantines have stabilised at...
  5. Komnenos002

    Requesting Assistance - Comprehensive List/Citations of Nazi Failures

    Greetings everyone. I normally just lurk and am fairly amateur by the sites standards. I've just gotten into a debate with several people on another forum in which the Nazis are essentially being wanked. I know enough from general browsing of this forum on how they're wrong, but I would like...