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  1. A Map Shitpost Thread

    "Uhhh yeah hey my reality is breaking down and I'm pretty sure its way past the warranty but I was hoping for a new one? The quicker you could get back to me the better, I think society is about to collapse."
  2. A Map Shitpost Thread

    We were the ASBs, creating and destroying timelines for arbitrary reasons.
  3. A Map Shitpost Thread

    This is what an ASB sees.
  4. Map Thread XIX

    Well mumakil are explicitly a different species than elephants - "they are now survived only by their smaller kin" I think is the line in Two Towers. The straight-tusked elephant was found in Europe and the Middle East into the Late Pleistocene and was bigger than African elephants (by only a...
  5. Map Thread XIX

    The Rohirrim aren't that Germanic. While Tolkien used Old English names for them, this was translation convention, to reflect them speaking an older dialect of Westron, or the Common Tongue, than the people of Eriador, but Westron isn't English, it's another of Tolkien's conlangs. People always...
  6. Map Thread XIX

    Well in a sense the first humans to arrive in Australia would have crossed the Wallace Line from SE Asia, which they would have reached by travelling through the Indian Subcontinent out of Africa...not "Indians" so much as "the common ancestors of all Austronesian peoples including Australian...
  7. Map Thread XIX

    This isn't a particular criticism of any one timeline, but why are the Aztecs always picked to be a main power in the Americas? The Aztecs don't really strike me as the most stable empire in the Americas, seeing as they were built on constant expansionist warfare and made bitter enemies...
  8. Map Thread XIX

    He did indicate it was written from an in-universe perspective.
  9. Map Thread XIX

    This is a great scenario with a lot of thought put into it, and you did a good job with the map to boot. I'm glad my scenario inspired this one!
  10. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    "the Balkans"
  11. Map Thread XIX

    European slaves in North Africa is a totally different situation from European slaves in an African-colonized America.
  12. Map Thread XIX

    Europeans who settled in the South still died in droves of diseases like dysentery, malaria, typhoid fever, etc - the death rate from disease was twice as high in Virginia as it was in Massachusetts. Africans had better resistances. Of course, they tended to die from being worked to death...
  13. Map Thread XIX

    I think the idea of Africans ruling over white slaves is...really questionable. There's a reason Europeans used African slaves IOTL, and it's because neither Native Americans nor Europeans could survive tropical diseases well enough to make good slaves on Caribbean or South American plantations...
  14. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    My actual train of thought while looking at this: "Huh, everything looks fine, let me just look closer at North, it's in the right shape...Eurasia looks good to me, too...let me just scroll down so I can see South America...aaaand one final cursory glance at Australia- OH MY GOODNESS"
  15. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Terrifying implications
  16. Australian alternate history books

    I see the hyperfocus on WW2 in alternate history applies to more than just the US...
  17. 1632/Ring of Fire series: Is Grantville having a net positive or net negative effect?

    They're pretty good and surprisingly underdiscussed on this forum! I suspect this is because there are many books so there's a bit of a barrier to entry, but I think that's good, because it allows the writers to really explore the Ring of Fire and its repercussions. Now to be fair, the books...
  18. 1632/Ring of Fire series: Is Grantville having a net positive or net negative effect?

    2019 Grantville would lead to a very different outcome than 1999 Grantville.
  19. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Facebook out here with ads for phrenology consulting.
  20. WIP Map Thread

    This might be of use