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  1. ByzantineCaesar

    WI Viggo Mortensen is killed while filming Fellowship of the Ring?

    In the climax of the first movie of the LOTR trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, Aragorn fights the Uruk Hai commander Lurtz. In the scene, Aragorn stabs Lurtz in the leg with his dagger. Lurtz removes the dagger and throws it at Aragorn, who deflects it with his sword. What if he didn’t? The...
  2. ByzantineCaesar

    AHC: new meaning for the Tetragrammic Cross under a modern Byzantine Republic

    The Palaiologan Tetragrammic Cross is often associated to the Byzantine Empire as its national flag par excellence. The four betas on each corner (the so-called “firesteels”) originally mean Basileus Basileōn, Basileuōn Basileuontōn, i.e. “King of Kings, Ruling over Kings”. Your challenge...
  3. ByzantineCaesar

    WI: Basil II marries one of his nieces

    It is no mistery that Basil II is often considered one of the very best Byzantine emperors. However, his greatest failure was perhaps not arranging his succession, which eventually proved itself a disaster and tarnished his legacy with the constant political instability of Zoe's later reign. In...
  4. ByzantineCaesar

    WI: Elena of Bulgaria, Empress of Nicaea, outlives Theodore II

    Elena Asenina was the wife of Byzantine Emperor Theodore II Laskaris in the mid 13th century. Her husband was a great reformist who attempted to break the power of the big aristocracy, but his early death doomed his dynasty and his reforms. IOTL he was succeeded by his young son John IV, with...
  5. ByzantineCaesar

    WI: Brazilian Empire restored in 1964

    In 1963, high-ranking officers from the Brazilian Armed Forces approached Prince Dom Pedro Henrique de Orléans e Bragança, who was the primary claimant to the Brazilian throne at the time. They offered to restore the Brazilian monarchy and the House of Orléans-Bragança to the throne after they...
  6. ByzantineCaesar

    WI: Pedro II of Brazil shot in 1865

    In September 1865, in the opening stages of the War of the Triple Alliance, Emperor Dom Pedro II arrived at Uruguaiana, a Brazilian border town which had been conquered and occupied by the Paraguayan army. The Brazilians were quick to react and laid siege to the town, under the command of the...
  7. ByzantineCaesar

    AHC/WI: Isocrates wins

    How would our world look today if Isocrates had survived the test of time? Back in his day, he was the most influential philosopher in Athens, much more than his rival Plato, who might have been forgotten were it not for St. Augustine and his theology. What if Isocrates had remained hegemonic...
  8. ByzantineCaesar

    WI Maximilian of Mexico marries Amélia of Brazil

    The Archduke Maximilian was engaged to Princess Maria Amélia of Brazil in 1852, but she died prematurely a year later of tuberculosis. The Princess was Dom Pedro I's only daughter by Empress Amélia, his second wife, and thus the half sister of Dom Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil. She would have no...
  9. ByzantineCaesar

    Potential brides for Dom Afonso of Brazil?

    Let's say Dom Afonso, Prince Imperial of Brazil (b. 1845), survives his childhood and grows to be a healthy man. Aside from the political ramifications a male heir would have on the Emperor, who could be potential consorts for the next monarch? Afonso is from the House of Bragança. His mother...
  10. ByzantineCaesar

    AHC: Have Russia occupy Alaska and the EU dissolve in the next ten years

    I had a dream yesterday in which Russia was at war with the USA and was occupying Alaska with 200,000 troops. They were just falling back due to American air supremacy and aerial bombardments (not sure if they were orbital, that's a bit dizzy). In the dream, I got the impression that Russia was...
  11. ByzantineCaesar

    WI Béla III of Hungary became Emperor of Constantinople?

    Béla was the second son of King Géza II of Hungary. In 1164, Emperor Manuel I of the Romans signed a treaty with the new King of Hungary, Stephen III, and Bela was sent to be educated in the Byzantine court. Emperor Manuel saw a true potential in Bela and, as he had no sons, married him to his...
  12. ByzantineCaesar

    WI the Dutch had won the Battle of Guararapes

    The Portuguese expelled the Dutch from Northeastern Brazil in 1649 in the 2nd Battle of Guararapes. After that the Dutch went to their recently founded colony of New Amsterdam, that later became NYC. What if the Dutch had defeated the Portuguese and remained in Brazil?
  13. ByzantineCaesar

    WI D. Pedro I of Brazil had accepted the throne of Greece?

    After the independence, the Greek government offered the throne to D. Pedro I, Prince of Portugal and governor of Brazil. He prefered to stay at Brazil though. What would the world be if he accepted? Balkanised Brazil? Weak South America? Stronger Greece? United Kingdoms of Greece and Portugal?