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  1. Komnenos002

    WI: Boudica and her army won the Battle of Watling Street?

    So I think the difference I'm seeing, Gloss, is that what you're doing is far more widespread than what the question actually asks. The question is "What if Boudica won at Watling Street." What you're answering is "What if Rome suffered a series of misfortunes and tragedies across its entire...
  2. Komnenos002

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    I'm not sure I entirely agree with this point - annexing the Saar would be about moving the industries there to the French side of the ledger. I can see that being considered a boon even in the context of a total Franco-British occupation of Germany at large. The rest of Germany is still going...
  3. Komnenos002

    "Russia First" German strategy in ww1?

    This is a point that I feel is often neglected - the French industrial regions being occupied was a disaster for them. I do understand the temptation of defending a short front line and focusing on the isolated power, but leaving France undiminished is a huge threat to your flank.
  4. Komnenos002

    How did BEIC regulation change history?

    I still don't understand how the BEIC went from rich and ruling over a prosperous subcontinent, to decrepit and broke.
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    Es Geloybte Aretz Continuation Thread

    OPEC is also far less likely to form in this time, and German development is far more public transport and less private motor vehicle. Oil Money will still very much be a thing, but I don't think it's as much of a thing in this timeline. Which might honestly be better for the Ottomans in the...
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    Alexander the Great doesn't die and lives to 80s and conquers North India, Carthage, Italy

    This is not a good comment. Besides some recognition that you're mad, I don't know why or at what. There's no argument being presented here, which means it's just directionless anger.
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    Filii Victoriae: A Roman TL

    The Crisis of the Third Century is a sorely underwritten topic on, so this timeline is one I'll be following with great interest. In terms of thoughts over the latest update, it is fun seeing the logistical issues and fraying situation in Mesopotamia with Roman attempts to contest them...
  8. Komnenos002

    DBWI: July Crisis Goes Hot

    An interesting DBWI turned into the USA annexing Canada in the 1900s and 14-year-olds in trenches.
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    US demands colonies for WW1 participation

    I think it's reasonable to say yes. Diplomatic horse-trading of colonies is nothing new to them. The exact details would depend on what colony is asked for, but I cannot imagine Britain quibbling over Belize if it was the cost to get US support in the Great War. They're more likely to counter...
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    An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    As someone that has previously been part of the crowd that's criticised some story choices (Roman Incompetence), I really must say... 1. It has definitely gotten out of hand of late. 2. A bungled expedition is both normal for this time period and doesn't take away from Rome's incredible...
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    Es Geloybte Aretz Continuation Thread

    What sports are popular in ITTL Germany and why has football slipped some?
  12. Komnenos002

    Who would have won in a UK-US alliance vs a Germany-USSR alliance during WW2?

    How much strength do you think this Nazi-Soviet Alliance would be able to project into the Middle East? Is India at all on the cards or do you think they would get stopped cold in Persia?
  13. Komnenos002

    I could have sworn you formerly had a mostly narrative story about Gengis Khan becoming a...

    I could have sworn you formerly had a mostly narrative story about Gengis Khan becoming a soldier in the Byzantine army - am I misremembering this?
  14. Komnenos002

    WI: Nikephoros victorious as Pliska? Can Byzantium prevent Bulgarian identity from forming?

    Would a POD of Krum dying early be beneficial for this idea? If he's too capable to be defeated by the Byzantines, well he wouldn't be the first person to catch dysentery or fall from his horse. I imagine the ramifications will be felt more in Anatolia than Bulgaria too - the primary concern...
  15. Komnenos002

    The New Order: Last Days of Europe - An Axis Victory Cold War Mod for HoIIV

    This is also presuming that the Americans even use it in the first place. It's entirely possible to wrap up the South African War without any brutal tactics. The fandom for TNO has a tendency to take any action America MIGHT take and assume that it WILL take it. Russia isn't always going to be...
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    WI: US joins the Axis

    This is where these ASB what if scenarios can become problematic - since the actors involved have to act so divergent from their OTL personalities and desires, it's hard to give a proper assessment. I was reading over your argument here and wondering if the USA would actually go gung ho on...
  17. Komnenos002

    Postwar map of a Allies and Axis v Comintern WW2

    The Nazis are ideologically incapable of allying with a Jewish state, and I feel like that shouldn't need explanation.
  18. Komnenos002

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    This talk about manpower requirements has me interested in the evolution of Entente armies post-war. You've created a situation in which they have global commitments on a relatively shoe-string budget.
  19. Komnenos002

    How could Germany's economy have been better organized in World War 2?

    It's massively misrepresenting the other side to pretend like they can't spell or string sentences together. It's also pretty dang rude.