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  1. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    David Carradine as Ra's al Ghul in Raimi's Batman series please.
  2. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Well damn. You saved and redeemed Hitler but killed off my all time favorite historical person. I am not sure how I feel about you now rast. I am sorely disappointed. 😭
  3. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Nice a Pyotr Kropotkin quote. How did his life progress ITTL?
  4. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Well I for one absolutely enjoy everything Lynch has made. But I am deeply into surrealism so yeah. Un Chien Andalou is one of my all time favorite films.
  5. the best movies never made

    Ok the next part of the DCCU comes out a couple of months after Superman. This one is actually what got me started on this. I am super excited for the new The Batman that is coming out next year. With all the talk of it being like if David Fincher made a Batman movie. I was like um what if...
  6. the best movies never made

    I have been brainstorming this pop culture centered TL for a while. One of the ideas I had is for a DC cinematic universe that starts in 2005. It begins with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman films being released that year. This DCCU begins with a rebooted Superman film with a very different...
  7. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Why not have a revolving door of hosts for each episode? The Pratt Bros., Nigel Marvin, Jeff Corwin, Steve Irwin, and different celebrity hosts/guests. It could be like SNL with dinosaur education. Actually thinking about it, make it an all around zoological educational series with skits. And...
  8. the best movies never made

    Sure. Is Vance Alan's younger brother? If so and you want another New Zealander for the role I would suggest Karl Urban. For Jeb if you want to go with yet another New Zealander I suggest Temuera Morrison.
  9. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Is Danny Elfman still involved with this TL's The Nightmare Before Christmas? Or are you saving those details for a later post? As awesome as having Robert Smith have a working relationship with Tim Burton is and the possibility of him voicing Jack Skeleton is intriguing. Elfman was a big part...
  10. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Oh my I forgot about that. And wow yeah Trent has been David Fincher's go to composer since Social Network. On a reverse note and you also mentioned it, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I didn't realize Danny Elfman was the singer for Oingo Boingo until recently. There is just something...
  11. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Did not know Sam Raimi and Lisa Henson dated. I do hope you keep them together. Raimi being Jim's son in law is just awesome. Since you mentioned Faith No More, is there any chance to get Mike Patton into film composing earlier. His work on the Place Between the Pines soundtrack was amazing...
  12. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    I am less concerned what the next Nightmare will be and more when do we get TTL's Scream. With Craven getting to do New Nightmare so much earlier. Could we get Scream in the early 90's ITTL riding the wave of these smart-slashers. Unfortunately this changes up the casting completely... no...
  13. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Wow. I just started reading this TL from the beginning again yesterday. Even went and read Max von Bauer's OTL wiki for some reason. Just one hell of coincidence. RIP Max you were basically the main character of this TL.
  14. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    I for one absolutely loved this post and LOL a few times while reading it. I will not lie honestly this could easily be me and one of my obnoxious friends at 16 years old in '06 ITTL. If you may I will gladly take on the Nerdicus role and will help out with any future segments they may show up...
  15. Pop Culture Timelines Go-To Thread

    I say inevitable, at least by your idea for avoiding its fall. I believe that if Pixar was still doing CG animation no matter what other studios you have never founded. Other TTL studios will pop up attempting to do what Pixar are doing. I think if you want to avoid the downfall of 2-D animated...
  16. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    I mean by the description of the film and the critical vs audience receptions seem to indicate that they/you didn't get it.
  17. National Football Association: An Alternative American Football Timeline

    Glad to see this back with a new update. I love to see a good grid-iron football TL. A few minor nitpicks: I was a little confused on who the Federals and Indians QBs were from the first part. On the next part with the Washington Federals you revealed their QB's name. Maybe you should add his...
  18. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    What do you mean not as close? It says the lead seesawed through the night and that Florida pushed Gore to a bare majority win.
  19. Golden: A Pop Culture Timeline

    So, glad to hear that you may bring this TL back. As a pop culture TL enthusiast and a fan of Phil Hartman. I was really enjoying this TL and was disappointed when you decided to put it on an indefinite hiatus. But I am now extremely excited to know that there is a strong possibility of...
  20. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Bittersweet but also very interesting seeing MJ join the 27 Club. Also ironically you have posted this update on page 127 of the thread.