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  1. DBWI: What if Argentina hadn't invaded the Falklands in WWII?

    I'll admit that South American history in WWII is not something I am overly knowledgeable about, but what would have been the result of if they hadn't invaded in 1942? How about the British response? Do you think it was the right on? What if the opposite decision had been made?
  2. Allied Spain in WWII?

    Is it possible to/how could you have Spain join WWII on the Allied side? Depending on when they join, how would this change things? If the were with France and Britain from the start could a western front throughout the war have been possible? If they entered the war later, could the need for...
  3. If Nick picked Labour?

    How would things be now if the Lib-Dems had chosen to go into coalition with Labour in 2010 rather then the Conservatives? Both in the case of with the same election results as IOTL, and if together they had had a majority?
  4. Chalenge: Separate Britains church and state.

    Challenge: Separate Britains church and state. How could the United Kingdom conceivably end up an officially secular nation? Bonus point's for keeping the monarchy, and generally keeping the way the government works as close as possible.