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  1. What would it take for the Allies to kick out the SU?

    As it says what would cause the allies to kick out the SU? A couple of major spy rings? Revelation of the SU massacre in Poland?
  2. Kamikaze question

    I figure the pilots wanted the carriers. Didnt anyone realize that the troop ships and cargo would be a better target? After all the carriers couldent take ground but troops could and did take ground. So why didnt they order the pilots to hit the supply columns?
  3. Western Union Vs Morse?

    Just watched a documentary on the undersea cable. What if WU beat them to Europe via Alaska and Siberia. Both had huge difficulty's but the undersea cable won the race. How would history be different if the Alaska cable made it first. edit, was Cyrus West not Morse.
  4. Could the US do a Dunkirk for Battan?

    Would it be possible for the US to send more ships just to evacuate, not re enforce Battan?
  5. More Sports Union ownership?

    For a while giving employee ownership shares in other industries. Some like the CNW became owned by the workers. Now For example what would it be if in NFL in the70s awarded the NFLPA a franchise. This way the union would have the inside information on the league. Would have the same...
  6. Pres. Garfield survives?

    Let say that Garfield replaces Dr. Bliss as his doctor. Some one who believes the teaching of Joseph Lister. And cleanses the wound and instruments. Also Dr. Bell’s Metal Detector discovers the bullets. Would Garfield be considered a successful president? Also would Blane be moved to VP in a...
  7. UN Foreign legion?

    What if the UN created their own armed force. Like the french foreign legion. Instead of asking member nations for troops for peace keeping troops. Set it up where folks who join get their choice of passport when service is complete. Would something like that work?
  8. Gold Eagles question

    Since the $10 gold Eagle coins from the Mint are legal tender, would you be able to buy things with them? For example lets say the Eagles are worth $800 and you buy something for $8000. Could you hand over 10 eagles( face value $100) instead of $8000 cash. Then what would you pay taxes on? $100...
  9. Shark tank what if?

    Been watching the show Shark Tank lately. Makes me wonder what would happen if someone like Edison or Telsa would do. Not the modern sharks but maybe some of the robber barons of the 20s? Ford comes up and gets turned down because all of his other car company's failed. Lets have some fun with...
  10. 737 crashes?

    In the 90s there were several Boeing 737 aircraft crashed and no cause was found until another one almost crashed. Turned out a small part in the rudder control unit was damaged. The 737 family is the biggest seller in the world. What would happen if the 737's kept crashing? Would the 727...
  11. Titanic damage control?

    What would happen if a British cruiser or battleship was able to respond to Titanics CQD within the first half hour. Would support from the warships damage control teams help keep the ship afloat? D
  12. Jericho timeline?

    The southern capital was in Montgomery. What states would of been in that. I am presuming Besides Al, Fl would of been included. What other states?
  13. Boeing Mcdonald Douglas merger?

    Reading about the merger on another site. Seems like Boeing wanted MDD defense line but not thier commercial line. What would of happened if Boeing took the defence line and sold the commercal sector. Who could of purchased the commercial line. Locheed? or maybe Airbus? someone else? What do...
  14. Flying Tigers Question?

    It seems like they had figured out how to beat the Japanese before Pearl Harbor. How come the Americans then seemed to have so much trouble with them? Did they ignore the reports? didn't get them? Just curious
  15. Civilization survival ship

    Back in the 60s, There were fears that a nuclear war would wipe out civilization. What if the US or UN built a fleet of ships loaded with things people would need to rebuild their civilization. Leave the ships out in the middle of the oceans with notice to mariners of their locations. Treat...
  16. Boeing goes broke?

    On tv the other night was a program about the 747. Boeing sank so much money into the SST project that when it was cancelled the company almost went under. The 747 program made enough for Boeing to recover. What if they didn't? No 747 and production would stop on the 727 and 737. Who would...
  17. Concorde doesnt crash?

    Just watched show on Smithsonian channel. It said that the Concorde was held up for a few hours due to a technical glitch. What if the plane took off as scheduled and the 747 that carried the french premier took its take off slot. The 747 runs over the piece of metal on the runway and crashes...
  18. German Africa colonies

    I know that the German colonies were taken away. Did any of the african members decided to go to Germany afterwords? If so what happend to the black Germans after Hitler? Just wondering about that. Watching African Queen on tv.
  19. Which president could be saved?

    Of the presidents that were shot, If it happened today who would live? I think Garfield since he basically was killed by infection caused by dirty hands and instruments. docfl
  20. Hyper inflation in Germany

    I found this and found it interesting enough to share. Were the French so desperate that they could not see that by doing what they did, they were cutting their own throats? If this is wrong place for it please move it to the correct location. docfl