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  1. WI: No DH Mosquito? What are the options going forward?

    The Welkin suffered from the same issue as the Beaufighter in having wings too thick. The easier solution would be a thin wing Beaufighter. Not unakin to the Tempest being designed as a thin wing Typhoon/Tornado.
  2. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Indeed. If every routine option means further retreat and probable loss then a bold aggressive move can be no worse and at least has the power to possibly succeed rather than the alternatives which are to lose more slowly. IOTL in 1940 the British were grossly out numbered and unlikely to...
  3. WI: George VI was killed during the Blitz?

    The weapon in question was (and indeed still is) a Thompson sub machIne gun, but the period British nomenclature was to name it as Machine Carbine. Which is a better description than the period French or German machine pistol. It performing the task of a carbine as a short shoulder arm. IIRC my...
  4. WI: George VI was killed during the Blitz?

    The last one to put himself into a battle was George II although George VI had his own machine carbine and practiced his family in it’s use. Perhaps someone can comment on the last King of Scotland to do so?
  5. WI: Nazi Germany Gives Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia Independence in 1940

    North Africa has it’s own population with a huge colonial Arab population and an imposed Arab culture. For example the Amazigh peoples of Morocco and Algeria.
  6. WI: George VI was killed during the Blitz?

    His eldest daughter succeeds him and the world carries on.
  7. Queen is killed by bricks

    The root reason for the Irish Army was to contain the IRA who lost the Irish Civil War.
  8. What did the French in 1940 think defeat would look like?

    If you look at the 1870 War and The Great War the expectation was for a peace agreement, loss of minor territories and a further big reparations bill. After which all would go back to near normal.
  9. Why didn't the UK force Argentina to give up its claim to the Falklands?

    If you follow the ‘everything belongs to the people who took it on from the people before them’ model then everything belongs to Africa.
  10. Queen is killed by bricks

    None of that was legal. Even the Austrian Hungarian Empire gave Gavrilo Princip a 20 year prison sentence instead of capital punishment, even if he eventually died of tuberculosis in prison.
  11. Queen is killed by bricks

    The army first went in, in support of the civil power, to protect catholics from loyalist violence.
  12. Queen is killed by bricks

    The annual Army Act, as passed each year by Parliament, forbids the use of the Crown Prerogative of martial law in peacetime and restricts it to wartime. No war exists. The army was acting in support of the civil power. Not to mention that it doesn’t want martial law and it would serve no...
  13. Most exotic plausible World War 2 standard-issue weapons?

    Pedantic mode engaged. A claymore is a gurt big two handed sword. He would need a batman to carry it around for him. He just had a Highland basket hilt sword. Pedantic mode off.
  14. Indian Mandate over Iraq

    Iraq had been in the area of Indian government affairs so that could translate into Iraq being controlled via the India Office rather than the Foreign Office.
  15. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Not in the original but made hasty changes when it became a minor scandal but the original subject matter was Overlord not Dragoon.
  16. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    I recall the 1960s school history books of my French cousins referred to Overlord as the Franco American force landings.
  17. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Not unique to English. I met a chap from Hamburg in Switzerland who was on an exchange in a brewery from his father’s brewery at home. It was a German speaking area of Switzerland but they had to resort to English to communicate.
  18. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Gaelic (pronounced ‘Gallic’ in Scots) is used enough today to justify it’s own television channel. In the late 1970s we recruited our signallers from Corby in Northamptonshire as only they could understand each other.
  19. Have the Crusader continue to be the standard tank of the British and improved throughout the war

    Well they stuffed a 20 Pounder onto a Cromwell post war, with some hull work to enlarge the turret ring, so maybe something similar could be done on the Crusader too? I do note that they did stuff a Meteor into one Crusader and frightened themselves with the speed. Also Crusader turrets on...