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  1. tehskyman

    WI: Downing Street Mortar Attack actually hit 10 Downing Street

    As the title says. IRL the mortar landed in the backyard of 10 Downing, but say by some chance the headwind was stronger and the shell landed directly on top of 10 Downing killing most of the cabinet in the process. What happens then? Who becomes PM if the entire cabinet dies? Any retaliation?
  2. tehskyman

    DBWI: JR Smith did not pass it to Lebron James in the final play of game 1 of the 2018 NBA finals?

    As the tin says. Jr Smith has forgotten the score in other games but do you guys think it possible that he'd screw up at such a critical point?
  3. tehskyman

    More Violent Egyptian Revolution

    If Mubarak had not resigned or perhaps the military was split on overthrowing him how violent could the 2011 Egyptian Revolution have been and could it have erupted into civil war?
  4. tehskyman

    AHC: Egyptian Civil War

    How likely is it for Egypt to destabilize during the Arab Spring? Lets say that during his opening speech, Morsi was assassinated by a military sniper and then after multiple escalations, protests became civil war? Could this send the entire Arab world into chaos as Egypt is the largest Arab...
  5. tehskyman

    Rice in the Amazon

    Im sorry but i did not know which forum to put this post in but I was wondering, looking at the degree to which rice is planted in Tropical climes in Asia on islands such as the Phillipines and Indonesia, the effectiveness of growing rice in tropical rainforests and whether or not it is possible...
  6. tehskyman

    Terra Preta Is it possible that using terra preta and other related methods that the rainforests of the World could be transformed into great agricultural lands? So basically by tearing down the amazon and congo rainforests, we get new chinas and indias around the...
  7. tehskyman

    War plan Red

    What if for some reason the British manage to find out about war plan red. Which was basically a plan by the Americans if they were to go to war with Britain. What would be the British reaction. As well what if America were to go to war with Britain for some reason
  8. tehskyman

    WI NYC wasn't centrally planned

    What would it take for NYC (New york city) to be have a road plan similar to those found in europe and asia where there aren't the clean straight lines. As well what would such a development have on the way that other cities were planned as well as the impact on New York's history
  9. tehskyman

    AHC: Make the US with at least 1 billion people

    I've heard it said that the Eastern US is very much like China in terms of climate and soil type. Now thinking about that, how could the US get to a billion people by 2014
  10. tehskyman

    Maximum Length of a War

    As the title says, what is the longest possible time you can have a high intensity war in the 20th century and beyond
  11. tehskyman

    Maximum world population 1980

    What is the maximum population the world can support if we had technology equivalent to 1980's technology
  12. tehskyman

    AHC: America with double pop.

    As the title says, what would have to happen for america to have double its current population provided it stays with in its current borders. It can be smaller.
  13. tehskyman

    WI: China does not unify under the Qin Dynasty

    You heard me WI the Qin during the warring states period didnt manage to unify china? Say Qin Shi Huang died say from illness or something. What would happen and what would the ramifications for china and the world be?
  14. tehskyman

    AHC: Make 9/11 as deadly as possible

    Change 9/11 so that there are as many casualties as possible. Go Go Go