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  1. perfectgeneral

    G3 Cherry Trees

    The final treaty allows two to be finished like this but the other two must be converted to aircraft carriers with no guns larger than 5.1in. Courageous and Glorious must be converted to large light cruisers, with 12 guns no larger than 6.1in, all others less than 5.1in. What are we looking at...
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    Hotspur Percy wins (WI)?

    Further to the question: If Owain hears of the impending battle and joins Hotspur's Battle forces at Shrewsbury.
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    House Oldenburg of Britain and Scandinavia?

    Could Anne marry the Crown Prince of Denmark and Norway (Frederick?) to later form this huge kingdom for their heirs? The British house of Orange of her sister Mary and William not so gloriously dies without issue as before. Could there be a 1700s war of succession over this? How would it...
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    Revenge is best served Royally

    What if the Revenge class only reached three ships before production was stopped? Royal Oak and Royal Sovereign join a renamed Revenge (Now Royal George) as the Royal class at Jutland. Of the five others planned, four have been laid down by the time First Sea Lord Jackie Fisher gets permission...
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    What if: Anthony Eden is the first Minister (Coord Def)

    What if Eden was more generally opposed to the Foreign Office position he was asked to represent and sought out the rearmament post as a safer pair of hands than the Old Guard publicly rattling their sabres (Churchill, Amery et al). Would/could he do the job better than Inskip? As a member of...
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    What if: Green lives and publishes Kant in English 1786 onward? Could the early publication of his works bring Kants philosophy to the fore in Britain? OTL published in English only in 1900, how could Georgian and Victorian Britain have differed? Might Kant have been taught comparatively alongside Hume...
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    Was the loss of Minorca by Vice Admiral Byng really so bad?

    His distant descendants are seeking an appeal with discovered paperwork. (search BBC Byng) Gibraltar to Mahon is about 581miles as the aeroplane flies. Mahon to Malta is about 625 miles and the direct Gib to Malta is 1109 miles. It probably made things a lot harder in WW2, but would Minorca be...
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    AHC: Peerless Air Ministry
    Threadmarks: The Challenge

    As an Alternative History Challenger I am not the author, but as OP (original poster) I have to edit the thread marks. I don't know when the story will update so allow some time for me to catch up. New title: AHC: Peerless Air Ministry Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister (later Lord, then Earl Swinton)...
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    1930s Air Ministry surprise sanity options

    I know the Whale Has Wings and sequels (now available in paperback) but this is such a rich vein of underperformance that many other scenarios could be tried. Mid-1935 Vickers Venom The ministry feel that this airframe could try a larger power plant (say the lightened Mercury IX). Is all that...
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    RN writes the washington naval treaty What if the RN seek to limit new battleships to 15inch guns so as to keep their "modern" battleships at the cutting edge for longer? They bring other powers to the negotiating table with G3 and N3...
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    Race to the Pacific

    I'd love to see a transcontinental Canadian railway furnish an outlet for those lacking opportunity at present. Britain would be in a more stable situation if it could feed and employ itself from within the 1830s/1840s empire. Something like the dashed...
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    Better old equipment for bases agreement(s)?

    Past similar threads: The destroyers for bases agreement was for Caribean bases and didn't include Burmuda, Newfoundland and Iceland. Could more, or different items have been traded? The previous thread...
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    AH Challenge: George II makes the best political choices...

    What would they be? From his ascension to the throne, which things do you think he should have done differently? Any changes have to be within the reasonable realms of possibility for the era.
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    SS Leviathan Aircraft Carrier!

    SS Leviathan Aircraft Carrier! SS Leviathan A 950ft x 100ft liner was taken to Rosyth in 1938 for breaking up after 21 years in operation. What if she is instead gutted and re-fitted as an aircraft carrier of unusually large size? Could she be ready by 1940?
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    Celtic Republic 500 BC

    What prevents the forming of a culture among Celtic speakers to rival or exceed that of the later Roman Republic? As much a question about the starting circumstances of the Roman Kingdom and what the Celts lacked in all their lands at this time. I would guess that a strong leader would be...
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    Frederick IV of Den-Nor Marries Anne of GB and Ireland

    Frederick was told to choose a german protestant. What if he suggested Anne instead? Could some grand union have resulted? There have been threads about Anne and her OTL husband outsurviving the entire Danish royal family line from his brother, but this seems to be a new tack. Found this on...
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    If Ramsay MacDonald had died in Aug 1933

    If Ramsay MacDonald had died in August 1933, forcing a by-election and probably a general election to seek a new mandate, what sort of parliament and government would have resulted? This is the early pathway on the road to war. Hitler has just gained power. There are some signs of economic...
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    B-P Defiant Naval Cannon Fighter

    A much better FAA fighter seems possible if you take the P.85 and the P.94 as starting off points. Lose the turret Clip the wings (maybe) by one or two foot each* Add two 20mm cannon to each wing Additional cannon ammo instead of .303 in Browning MGs Ground attack gun angle good for...
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    Better RN procurement from March 1939

    Rear Admiral Bruce Austin Fraser has just been appointed Third Sea Lord (3SL). As such, it is his job to order and buy everything for the rapidly expanding RN. He was at Gallipoli and dropped off troops on the western Egyptian border during the Great War. One of his later commands was HMS...
  20. perfectgeneral

    Henry VIII's milder jousting accident

    If Henry Tudor had been cut, stunned, but roused quickly and healed within weeks, would much have changed? I've seen speculation recently that he practically became a psychopath after the serious scrap he had in real life. Ideas on divergence?