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  1. earlier machine gun 1850s

    Would it possible for the technology in 1850s to produce a similar version of Gatling gun even outside the USA like the British or French?
  2. Alfred takes Greek Crown

    Is there a possibility that the British allow Alfred to take the Greek Crown? What are the conditions that will get the approval of the British and Queen Victoria?
  3. Earlier U.S. Civil War 1848 to 1855?

    Is there any possibility of US having a Civil war between this time period, 1848-1855? Or was Civil war bound to happen only in 1861? If it is possible, what are the conditions that may trigger this earlier US Civil war(like policy, presidency)?
  4. Empire of New Castille
    Threadmarks: 1. War of Independence (1823)

    War of Independence In July 1 of 1823, Captain Novales, Lieutenant Ruiz and Sergeant Mateo, 30 sergeants and 1000 soldiers mostly of Mexican or South American origins, declared Novales as Emperor of the Philippines. As Novales marched his men through Manila’s Camino Real, they were all...
  5. WI: Earlier US Battlecruiser for Asiatic Squadron/ Fort improvement allowed after WNT

    Hello I am looking into possibilities and their consequences. I am fine if the chances of it happening would be small as long as they can happen. My thoughts are on a fast battleship using 9 12" guns but armored against 14 inch guns doing 30 knots serving as US Asiatic Flagship. Would the...
  6. 1936 US land based torpedp/dive bombers

    What available technology for land based torpedo and dive bomber if both US government allows the purchase/development and US companies paid to develop technology as early as 1936? Will they be able to create a land based SBd dauntless? or land based tbf avenger within 1937? or would that be...
  7. Refuge of the world
    Threadmarks: I. Independence Day

    Luneta, November 15, 1935 November 15, 1939 President Quezon approached the Independence grandstand in Luneta, Manila accompanied by a Nazi officer. Everyone was surprised that Quezon invited him for the independence celebrations after their meeting. Present were diplomats from many nations...
  8. WI : Successful Komnenian Restoration

    Easter Roman Empire survives, Komnenian restoration continues after Manuel. I am trying to figure out the population and economic changes in Balkans and Anatolia under Byzantine Empire instead of Ottoman Empire. Assuming Manuel's adult successor or Manuel himself reconquers Anatolia, and the...
  9. AHC/WI : Greater population Balkans and Anatolia

    I am trying to figure out how to make the Balkans and Anatolia have the same population growth as France and HRE until industrial age since there seems to be stagnation in demography in those regions. I apologize if my estimates are wrong. Please correct me. Around 100-200 AD, Anatolia...
  10. Earlier Colorado/slow Iowa and Different Washington naval treaty

    Any educated guess the earliest possible commission of a ship with 16in naval gun like the Colorado or Nagato regardless of what nation? Can the builders and designers also have a foresight of making the armor of capable withstanding 16in naval guns? Would this be possible commissioned before...
  11. Konfrontasi (1962-1966) Military Data

    Discussion continued from and as possible source for future threads for Konfrontasi I would appreciate it if someone pointed me to a more accurate source of Commonwealth Air Force participating in Konfrontasi. Brief...
  12. Higher France population/fertility rate 1700-1900 and its effects in world history

    I have always wondered what would happen if France had a higher population between 1700-1900 and its effects. 1) Will the local French agricultural production be capable of feeding a higher population? 1800 (40M-60M?) 1900 (80-100m?) 2) If not, what are the alternatives to increase French...
  13. What if Alexander the Great reached Rome, China and came back for India?

    What if Alexander the Great did not die at an early age? Will he be able to reach and conquer Rome or China? Will he be able to comeback in India and take another crack at India and totally dominate upon his return?