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  1. Dom


    Okay, I need a black and white regional map of the UK, for A3 printing for a project at work. My Search-Fu is weak today, so first one of you to post me a good one will have a cookie mailed to them (or given in person if they wish to come to the London area)
  2. Dom

    Mapmaking Challenge: Scion RPG Map

    Okay, our game has moved into the 2030s and a -lot- of stuff has happened, I think it would be great if someone could map a make of all of this stuff (though a lot of it is irrelevant fluff for you guys, I guess) I have posted the map we were using before all this crap happen, but it is not...
  3. Dom

    Flag Thread III

    The previous flag thread was closed due to having too many messages. It can be found here: The flag thread is dead. Long live the flag thread!
  4. Dom

    WI: Henry VII funded Columbus

    Probably unlikely, but I read earlier today that initially, Columbus went to Henry VII for funding for his expedition. What sort of differences would this make? I'm not that informed on this area of history, but I suspect that issues at home would have made it impossible (Henry VII was yet...
  5. Dom

    WI SAS never formed.

    I'm thinking about attemping a timeline, but first off I want a few ideas and help and such. I can think of a suitable POD, which is Stirling (the man who first had the vision of the SAS) never injured himself when he tried his first parachute jump, resulting in him not having alot of free...