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  1. The Mountaintop: An Alternate '88 TLIAW

    Thanks! It's been kicking around my head for a while, I needed to get it out and onto the page.
  2. The Mountaintop: An Alternate '88 TLIAW

    Hahahahaha I had not recognized that, but you are extremely correct. And that's interesting. I don't know a ton of people deep in Georgia Democratic Party circles, but let's say for the purposes of this timeline that that's not true. Given that Clinton won it in a landslide in 1992 and even...
  3. The Mountaintop: An Alternate '88 TLIAW
    Threadmarks: JOHN LEWIS (1989-1997)

    JOHN LEWIS (DEMOCRATIC) 1989-1997 To say that no one expected John Lewis to be President would be an overstatement. Any Vice Presidential candidate is a potential President, and anyone who actually becomes Vice President is even more of one. But no one expected Lewis to become President quite...
  4. The Mountaintop: An Alternate '88 TLIAW

    JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR. (DEMOCRATIC) 1989-1989 Joe Biden is one of the great tragic figures of American political history. A flawed but fundamentally decent man who suffered great personal tragedy during his lifetime, numerous figures—particularly from the centrist wing of the Democratic...
  5. The Mountaintop: An Alternate '88 TLIAW

    (To be real, this is going to take more than a week, but it'll be about the length of a normal TLIAW/will be the same format. Bear with me.)
  6. If Bush lost to a Democrat in 1988, how do the 1990's change?

    One major change is going to be to the Supreme Court. Justices Brennan and Marshall will get replaced by left-liberals instead of a moderate (Souter) and a deranged reactionary (Thomas), and Justice Blackmun might retire a couple of years earlier. Ginsberg and Breyer are still plausible picks...
  7. King Theodore's Corsica

    It's also a very poor country, without a lot of clear paths towards generalized prosperity (although a relatively decent and even standard of living seems plausible). There will probably be less out-migration than IOTL, given that it will be an independent country, but especially in the face of...
  8. King Theodore's Corsica

    Also, as least as much as Carp has said, the role of women in public life in 18th century Corsica seems to have been relatively restricted. Theodore could probably name Elisabeth as his heir regardless, but I can imagine it causing some trouble - especially among more conservative factions - in...
  9. WI: No Egyptian revolution of 1952

    Could easily be recruited into a British-aligned unit though.
  10. WI: No Egyptian revolution of 1952

    It would not be an enormous POD to have his first son Isma'il, born in 1896, survive infancy. If you have a king who, say, fought in the First World War as a junior officer and wasn't a huge spoiled brat failson like Farouk, you could have a successor who is well-respected and competent enough...
  11. WI: No Egyptian revolution of 1952

    I think it's very difficult to keep the Egyptian monarchy in power for the long term. The country's growing middle sectors will demand economic development and political reform of some kind, and there were multiple strong revolutionary movements active at the time against the country's...
  12. TV series proposal " The Auschwitz"

    Yeah IDK why we might be a little reluctant to "consider the perspective" of the people who gleefully shoved our great-grandparents into ovens. Germans may not have all be fanatical Jew-haters, but most of them did nothing while they steadily destroyed our civil and human rights and then...
  13. Al Grito de Guerra: the Second Mexican Revolution

    Yeah, they were some of the shittiest people the U.S. ever supported. Just the scum of the Earth. My timeline opened with Tachito dying in the Managua earthquake, so at least we got that revenge. One of these days, I'll have to revive it, with some major tweaks.
  14. Al Grito de Guerra: the Second Mexican Revolution

    First, I want to say that I'm truly loving this timeline, kudos to the author. In my long-dead Central America revolutionary timeline, I hoped to engage with Mexico a bit, but the level of research and knowledge that you've put into this is incredibly impressive. Speaking of Central America...
  15. King Theodore's Corsica

    Which I guess raises the question: how do the Jesuits feel about the various groups of Corsicans, high and low, and including the Greeks and the Jews?
  16. AHC; President Ann Richards

    If we go with Richards in 1996, who are her primary opponents? Who is her running mate? And who are they running against in the general? At least for her running mate, I'd say either Dick Gephardt or John Kerry, leaning towards the latter. Gephardt is a Congressional wheeler-and-dealer who...
  17. AHC; President Ann Richards

    I was going to say. The best way to make Ann Richards president is for Ross Perot to be the 42nd President of the United States. He'll be buffeted on all sides while also shaking up both parties in a big way. Especially if he wins his home state of Texas, I think Richards has a decent shot as...
  18. Mike Dukakis has reasonably successful two-term presidency (1989-1997)

    Alternately, a Pat Robertson victory in the 1992 primary (with a Perot run as well) would give even a somewhat unpopular Dukakis a solid shot at victory. Perot might even win a couple of states.
  19. Who would win in 2012? Obama (D) vs. Ron Paul (R)

    Their best candidate would have been Tim Pawlenty, probably with Mike Huckabee or something as his running mate to get the clerico-fascist right out to vote. It would have been a tighter race, although Obama would have likely won reelection anyway.