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  1. AHC: Amend the Acheson plan for the partition of Cyprus

    Amend the Acheson plan for the partition of Cyprus so that both parties may accept and implement it. i.e. do a post-ww2 & pre-invasion plan that envisions both Greece and Turkey controlling territory in Cyprus.
  2. DBWI: names of places after American victory in Mexican-American War

    If the US had won the Mexican-American war, rumor has it they'd go as far as to annex not only Texas but all the way to California! I imagine they'd keep the name "California"... But what about New Mexico, how would it be called? And how would the Americans call cities like Los Ángeles, San...
  3. WI British Calais after the Napoleonic Wars

    Assuming that Britain is on a little more punitive mood towards France, let's envision they take back the historic Pale of Calais (while allotting Dunkirk to the Dutch so that the Netherlands would border the Pale on its east). Would such an asset be of any use to Britain at this point?
  4. Vatican as just an extraterritorial territory

    So the fact that a palace and its square in Rome is now a country of its own is curious. It was given to the pope as a token territory so he could claim to be sovereign over something. But as we know a sovereign entity doesn't need land to be sovereign. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta...
  5. AHC: Franco succeeded by his Bourbon grandson-in-law

    Alfonso de Borbón married a granddaughter of Franco in 1972. By this time his cousin Juan Carlos was already the recognized successor of Franco but this is an AHC. Further, there's no time constraints for the PoD. The important here is to make it so that a descendent of the Generalissimo is...
  6. Gibraltar and Ceuta swapped

    I don't think this was ever discussed on so here it goes. So Spain would be very happy with this arrangement, Britain would lose out a bit, Gibraltarians and Ceutans would be pissed.
  7. AHC: Paraguay gets a coastline

    It doesn't matter at whose expenses Paraguay gets a coastline, just make it happen within plausibility.
  8. Can Brunei buy back Sarawak?

    It's a little puzzling to me why the Sultan of Brunei awarded the vast majority of his lands to an English adventurer in 1841... So a century later - after WW2 - the successor of that adventurer sold his kingdom to the British crown. Could the Sultan of Brunei make a bid for it? - Was the...
  9. Why Guantanamo?

    So, upon granting independence to Cuba, the U.S.A. decided it was vital to keep a naval base in Guantánamo. Why? Why did the USA need a base in a region where it was already present? What is the strategical advantage of having a base between Florida and Puerto Rico? To better defend the States...
  10. Dutch keep East Indonesia: what next?

    The premise here is that after WW2 the Dutch leadership soon realizes that they can't get the whole Indonesia back so they go to the negotation table with the rebels. The Netherlands accept the independence of Indonesia in and around just Java, Sumatra and Borneo. The rest, from Bali to New...
  11. Early partition of Schleswig

    After the 1st Schelswig War I don't think you need Captain Hindsight to realize that the business isn't finished. So I recently learned that upon German advance, the Danish were offering chunks of Southern Schleswig to the Germans. So, could the Danish preempt the 2nd Schleswig War by offering...
  12. Linguistic makeup of Brussels without Belgian independence

    What would be the present linguistic makeup of Brussels if Belgium doesn't secede from the Netherlands?
  13. AHC: Argentina peacefully acquires the Falklands/Malvinas

    With a PoD after 1940 and before 1982, how can Argentina peacefully acquire the Falklands/Malvinas? Bonus points if it's after WW2 (so no Argentina purchase or beef-for-land trade from a desperate Britain).
  14. Congress of Vienna - Consequences of a Restored Papal Avignon

    Let's imagine the Pope sees his Comtat Venaissin restored after the Napoleonic Wars. The butterfly effect will grow exponentially but still, it's apparently such a meaningless move that I can't see butterflies altering the macro events in the next decades - the Spring of Nations, the rise of...
  15. Papal Portugal

    IOTL Henry, the Cardinal of Lisbon inherited the Portuguese throne following the death of his childless great nephew Sebastian in Ksar el Kibir. During his short reign, the old Cardinal-King wasn't able to clearly define a successor leaving Portugal as an easy prey to Philip II. WI #1: Henry is...
  16. WI/AHC: Mulhouse in Switzerland

    So this little Calvinist republic enclaved in Alsace was part of the Swiss Confederation up until its citizens voted to be annexed by France in 1798. Please discuss the viability of it being returned to Switzerland after the Napoleonic Wars.
  17. AHC: Create a UK-wide football competition for clubs

    Create a UK-wide (or at least Great Britain-wide) football [soccer] competition for clubs: Conditions: 1) With a PoD after WW2 2) Not all competitions are unified. The Home Countries will still keep some or all of the existing competitions. 3) The Home Countries will still successfully...
  18. Bavaria gets Baden (c. 1830)

    IOTL Bavaria came close to inherit the whole of Baden. In 1817 when Grand-Duke Karl lost his only son, the only agnate member of the royal family was his childless uncle Ludwig. With the semi-salic law in place that meant that after his uncle, the next in line would be his sister, none other...
  19. AHC: Save the German Confederation.

    It may reform though. Bonus points if no single state dominates it and Austrians and Prussians find an equilibrium. PoD from 1815 on.
  20. States with aborted colonization projects

    Pieces of information like the above are fascinating. Please dump here other colonization projects that were aborted (or failed or were really short-lived) by states that otherwise never really had a colonial empire. A few wiki articles to get this started: On some German principalities'...