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  1. Antony444

    In this country , it is good to kill an admiral from time to time

    BATTLE OF BEACHY HEAD - JULY 10th 1690 On June 21st , Anne Hilarion Constentin de Tourville took the command of the combined Brest and Mediterranean fleets totalling 75 ships of the line and 23 fireships and sailed on 23rd June into the Channel . By 30st June, the French were off the cape...
  2. Antony444

    Omen imperii maritimi

    September 1628 With the failures of the two first fleets to relieve La Rochelle , Charles I king of England , ordered a new fleet to sail and relieve the city . The new fleet would be commanded by Robert Bertie , 1st Count of Lindsey and was 29 warships strong . 31 merchantships were also...
  3. Antony444

    Fight or Flight

    Embabé,Egypt 20th July 1798 The view was rather spectacular.Blood,sand and pyramids. Bonaparte really knows where to fight thought General Louis Desaix. I'm sure in ten years The Battle of the Pyramids will be a name known all across Europe. Who would remember the name of Embabé anyway ...