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  1. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    With this economic picture it looks like the Ottomans are really in dire straits overall. Might they try something drastic to fix it? The economic concessions and stuff becoming much worse leads me to see a possibility of it becoming a Persia—totally dominated by foreign powers even in its...
  2. Charles Manson becomes a rock star

    For a really horrifying scenario—what if he becomes famous, releases a successful album or two, gains a following, and then has the Family commit murders?
  3. Iberia based WRE

    I’m really interested in the concept of an Iberian Roman remnant, because I feel like it’s got the geography to actually possibly hold out against the migrations. So long as it has a substantial navy to hold off coastal invasions, the Pyrenees can hold back the Franks and so on with a few...
  4. What would the post war era look like for a Neutral or Allied Fascist Italy?

    That depends heavily on the postwar order. If Yugoslavia is Communist the West will care less whether Italy owns Dalmatia and Albania* or not. Greece might be more contentious, but if it’s just minor islands like the Dodecanese I expect them to eventually be sold/given to Greece with the fall of...
  5. Possible "Step-Conquerors"

    If not for the Protestant Reformation Austria could have been step-Germany, in most senses of that concept.
  6. Cato's Cavalry

    Holy shit, it lives. I’ve loved this story for years, and always hoped it would come back. Hooray! now I just have to wait for the author to continue working on his SW/Buffy crossover
  7. Linguistically Diverse USA

    Given America’s cultural parochialism I think most English-derived creoles would be placed under intense pressure to assimilate linguistically. It could make for a fascinatingly varied American English, though.
  8. Linguistically Diverse USA

    Easiest answer: Quebec joins the Revolution/is taken over in the war and keeps its language rights. This provides a precedent for other parts of the country to be bilingual (Spanish in the Southwest? In an especially unlikely scenario, rights for Native languages?)
  9. AHC: Successful Invasion of the Russian Empire pre-1900

    By the title, I mean a comprehensive and successful invasion that sees a foreign government/military (so it cannot be a civil war faction) occupy and hold onto a substantial portion of Russia long enough to force it to the table in negotiations. It must be after the proclamation of the Tsardom...
  10. An Italian Rhodesia in Libya

    No matter how successful Arab assimilation and Italian growth are, it will still become the focus of decolonization and Arab nationalist movements given time and a world roughly similar to OTL. I foresee a lengthy insurgency and acts of terrorism for decades to come, along with tense relations...
  11. Harald Hardrada successfully takes Denmark

    A long-term unified Denmark-Norway this early could easily lead into a perpetually unified Scandinavia, as the Swedes had not yet built up enough of a power base to resist a combined front IMO.
  12. What are the biggest mysteries of the Dark Ages?

    The real mystery of Rapa Nui is whether Rongorongo was a true written language or not.
  13. What are the biggest mysteries of the Dark Ages?

    First is a trick question, as Latin never stopped being spoken, it simply evolved and diverged over centuries into the Romance languages. The second is trickier, but I’d argue it happened fairly quickly as the “barbarians” asserted their identities on regions (even though they assimilated to the...
  14. AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world

    Lombards Language: Lombardic (Germanic) Location: Veneto and broader Dolomite region Religion: Chalcedonian Christianity Size: 3 million History: Following the brief, decisive Gothic War in which the Rhoman Empire reasserted control over Italy, the remnants of the Ostrogothic Kingdom...
  15. What are the biggest mysteries of the Dark Ages?

    Can you elaborate on this? There seems to be extensive historical evidence for the existence of Charlemagne (the Palace at Aachen, various other Carolingian constructions dated to the time he was supposed to have ruled, coinage) even if we take the written records as fabricated in some way.
  16. Save one Historical Microstate

    Given a few colonial shenanigans I absolutely think it would be possible to save the Lanfang Republic, easily one of the most fascinating minor states in Southeast Asian history:
  17. Which Italian Nation you would’ve wanted to unite a portion of Italy

    The Pope uniting Italy is fun as a meme, but in reality would’ve been a theocratic nightmare. Bear in mind that even within the OTL Papal States the government was a tyrannical and oppressive thing, such as the infamous time it paved over half of the old town of Perugia to build a fortress to...
  18. Rome could never survive as one big nation

    It’s the Trent War debate for our ancient history fans.
  19. Last Light of Gaul: the Domain of Soissons endures

    Did the Saxons engage in any Channel piracy? That could be a pretext to attack across it.
  20. Music WI: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix Live?

    These three musicians’ untimely and sudden deaths in quick succession rocked the music world and arguably sent popular culture down a different path in the early ‘70s. If they had all survived—even just for a few more years—what impact might that have had on music and pop culture?