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  1. 20th July bomb kills Hitler, now what?

    I do think that the Nazi state might collapse surprisingly quickly without Hitler as so much of it was wrapped up in his personality cult. The plotters were deluded with what they could get but an early surrender might get them 1939 borders but Germany is being partitioned as that was agreed...
  2. WI: LBJ adamantly refuses to commit more troops to Vietnam

    I don't think Cambodia would fall as it was the Vietnam War that destabilized it and Sihanouk s allowing North Vietnamese bases in Cambodia that led to the coup. ITTL Sihanouk is a popular left leaning monarch with good relations with China and decent ones with North Vietnam. So I think it would...
  3. German colonies

    If Nazi Germany has colonies I could see them exiling some Jews there. Which might have some interesting effects but they'll lose access after the war starts. But you could see a majority of Germany's Jewish population placed there before the war.
  4. WI: Mongols take over Europe?

    I think you could have a Mongol dominated Europe ruled from Mongols based in Hungary eventually breaking free and leaving a Mongol successor state in the Carpathian basin.
  5. Leif Eriksson starts the Age of Discovery

    Well if the knowledge gets out a bit more you could have some community of exiles flee there. Pagans fleeing Christians, the losing faction of a civil war.
  6. AHC: Sodgian Culture and Language Survive

    There are still a handful of villages in Tajikistan that do speak Sogdian so it has survived but barely. I think your best bet for culture is the Pamir mountains they are isolated from the rest of Central Asia, so it would be possible for Sogdian culture to survive there.
  7. What would Korea look like today if the north won?

    Everyone saying they haven't reformed IOTL is ignoring that if they do that they'll most likely collapse. In an alternate timeline they'll be a lot more secure. Every other East Asian Communist regime reformed. Laos, Vietnam, China and even Cambodia. I don't think a united North Korea will buck...
  8. WI Louisiana as a rich state

    If New Orleans becomes the global tech hub rather than San Francisco that could work. Or it just becomes a Global Tech hub if some early Alt Google or Facebook gets headquartered there.
  9. WI Tajikistan never joins the USSR – how would this have altered the dynamics of West Asia and South Asia?

    Tajikistan is an entirely Soviet Creation but briefly there was the Bukharan People's Soviet Republic which could have ended up independent ala Mongolia or Tannu Tuva if the Bolsheviks had felt the need. During the very early period things were in a flux and they could have panned out differently.
  10. What if Japan kept Sakhalin Island after 1944 German Operation Valkyrie success?

    If the goal is for the Japanese to keept Sakhalin, I think a better POD would be for Russia to not declare war on them. That's a lot more plausible then Japan surrendering in 1944.
  11. How likely was the breakup of Czechoslovakia overall?

    Some Yugoslav separation was peaceful. Slovenia and Macedonia left almost bloodlessly.
  12. There is any way for Germany to get Kaliningrad in 1990?

    Kaliningrad is almost all Russians I don't think Germany would want almost a million Russians. I could see Kaliningrad declaring independence and becoming a break away republic with the right leadership though.
  13. What would you do in Gorbachev’s shoes?

    Which is why I think focusing on lifting them out of poverty is the better route.
  14. What would you do in Gorbachev’s shoes?

    Birthrates will lower naturally if Central Asia is developed. Even now there are villages there that are almost medieval without proper roads or power.
  15. US demands colonies for WW1 participation

    It seems the easiest thing for the US to demand would be some of Germanies colonies.
  16. What would a fully successful July 20 plot meant for Germany and ww2

    There would be a lot of if Hitler had lived Germany would have won tropes. Which would be annoying. Germany is going to get occupied the allies learned that lesson. They might get guaranteed borders though. Keeping East Prussia and Austria. They are never getting the white peace they want or...
  17. WI: on 9/11 The US was not the only one attacked.

    If some constellation of these attacks happened I see the invasion of Afghanistan being a UN mission rather than a NATO one.
  18. AHQ: Is a Soviet occupation of all of Germany in WW2 possible?

    Another way to get all Soviet occupied Germany is for the Allies to adopt the Balkans strategy if they move up through southern Europe you could see a different balance of occupation where the allies set up goverments in Southern Europe and the Germans are completely occupied but the Soviets.
  19. AH What if the 1996 coup attempt in North Korea succeded

    I think there is a much better chance of reunification with them in charge. Their coup has a good chance at collapsing the country just removing the Kims from power is going to make North Korea a lot less stable and that increases the chances of reformers coming to power.
  20. AHC/WI: Nepotistic Presidential Ticket

    Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump seems like something that could've happened.